Men vs Women Round Three: Wordages

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

So then it is fair to conclude that ISIS members Al Qaeda members and members of every other terrorist organization, who are all religious fundamentalists, had damage to their pre-frontal cortexes? Is this what we are supposed to believe-that every single one of them has brain damage? Seriously??? This is propaganda from the Godless, hateful bigots on the left who mock religious beliefs and the very existence of God.


oh, if only those people on the left that you loathe
would worship you as their rightful ruler

darned those demographics who resist being genocided
and refuse to consider your religions as nice

Lest We Forget


mock mock

they are all mental illness, no matter what they are named

religion meets the diagnostic manual’s meaning of delusion



So you’re saying that about 98.5% of the world’s population is delusional? I think you’re the delusional one.


there’s no global census to support your number claim

in theocratic nations, it’s a death penalty to not be religious

so people will hardly report themselves

all religions have the same zero evidence.

Supernatural claims about a natural universe.


I don’t intend to waste my time arguing with a fool. Believe whatever you want to.


98%-where do you get that


good, challenged by another male

the godbot troll has a dilemna now, eh?

dykey women he dismisses

not knowing how many sizes, shapes and colours that I have

as he now will have to face a more known quantity

mano a mano.

Cuckholddon, go get the godbot troll.

I got popcorn


you just made that number up

but I am the delusional one?

I will leave you to cuckholdon

I got to make popcorn



your postings prove you are not okay with other people

having and expressing their own views

but as I have dismissed your claim effectively

you retreat with castrated feeble sulk.


It appears that YOU are what you accuse me of being. Good luck with that. Have a nice day. Or don’t. I don’t care which.


yeah, a fool like you would think so
flaunting your penis opinion as if it’s still relevant

clearly you do care that it, like your pov is unwanted and rejected

I am a dyke, and this is an LGBTQ site

so it’s a pride term for me and not a slur

feminism is the theory, lesbianism the practice.

A Circle Jerk of Som-Sub to a zero sum

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

Wow. The Gaystapo saying religion is due to brain damage? Im waiting for them to tell Muslims that one. Cant WAIT to see how that one works out for these bigoted hateful people.


muslim is the same religion as christian, both bad copies of Jewish

the Abrahamic trilogy, and Hollywood’s shown the quality of sequels

all religions have the same zero evidence and are mental illness

you own inability to demonstrate social skills is also evidence, and evident.


Keep digging princes. Your stupid is showing.


buck- your avatar is a Bully from the simpsons–I would say that says “Something” about the way you think–


the bullies are easily amused, it’s they think themselves clever

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

Studies show a direct correlation between those who mock God and those to whom He will say ‘Depart from Me, I never knew you’ on their judgement day.


cite the study

mock mock mock

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

Its just another piece written to further divide people… Use some common sense and pull together folks. Together we can crush all the corruption..


no, it is showing where the divide is


No.. It’s a purposeful divisional piece written as an attack in order to create further indifference and hate.


no, it’s a media report about a medically valid study, that is consistent with a range of other studies.

you not liking the conclusion is your personal opinion
ditto your view of the news article.

reverence religion gets from it’s members, and it has not earned any from non-members

religion does not get a “gimme” on respect anymore.
and religion needs to deal with it’s accountability for said hate and division.

we cannot solve the social problems if we cannot name them.

or if we play pass the blame, rather than deal with the causes and the outcomes.

now. go berserk that a woman said no to you

because no is a word that adult heterosexual men really demonstrate an inability to understand.

it’s just two letters, not long to read.


Actually… “Medically valid” study… There’s your problem… You believe it to be valid just because it is said to be…by those who believe as you do… A failure to apply your own critical thought processes to come to an intelligent understanding of the information being delivered by a biased and highly erroneous study…your first clue should have been the admission of their own bias in the article.


no, it’s not belief, that’ religion’s thing
and having religion is evidence of lack of critical thinking

;with believers bipolarly behaving,
all either or and no proportionality

Accepting data that is consistent with other data is objective reality

and bias is limited and can be corrected for in science and media

whereas, not so much with any religion

furthermore, even without studies, anyone is entitled to the personal view that religion is patently false and stupid, and all who assert it are predators

religion is money for nothing and altar boys for free


Critical thinking evolves a deeper understanding than what you see on the surface… You keep failing in this area..keep trying though.. One day you may get it. Granted a lot of Christians “believe” based on the edited versions of biblical texts, however the fact is that even in those books, truth is evident and can not be edited out completely. The more knowledgeable of us who care to understand on a deeper level still come up with the same end result. You have to take all the information from the times of old and out it all together which offers the “critical thinker” an in depth representation to analyze and conclude on. Fact is that ..time before the lineage of conquering began, mankind had the knowledge of healing and natural spiritual connections, this was crushed with each conquer..till Moses came along and tried to re-educate the world.. He failed and judged mankind, leaving us with what Christianity mostly goes by… The edited version of the laws of God.. The ten commandments(if they be not with God, then at least let them not be against) those laws in their entirety are the same as Native understanding of spiritual prayer and our connection to Our mother Earth. Jesus came along to save the world, this is true. He taught those same teachings that go back to the beginnings… I have even found a quote of Jesus where he spoke of the four directions with reverence… Now, if you really were a critical thinker yourself, you would be thinking right now…. Give it a try. Do some research yourself instead of gong by a faulty and very fake study and rehashing bad talking points.


blah blah blah

your penis is not a talking stick

or any kind of valid talking point

dismiss and mock Godbot

Why Nonbelievers and beleivers can’t talk to each other

Why is the Scientific Political?

Shouldn’t both science and politics reflect the actual reality of the society and the environment that we exist in?

There’s a reason why ignorance is bliss

Why No has to mean No as a public and legal policy

if you can’t say VAGINA why do you think you get to legislate them?


Then I guess a single rotten apple is an appropriate analogy for us as well. We’re not above failing our ideals.


“We’re not above failing our ideals.”

excellent quotable,

lest we forget.



I post generally and you reply claiming that I offended you?

this is your assertion then? You really want to stick with that?


Good bye, Troll.


you claimed, you failed, you fled

bye glandbot troll


Simply aggressively attacking me blindly for my beliefs while insisting atheism is the “only way” for me to be liberated is proselytizing in the same way that Christians say the same things.

I’ve read your posts. You came to this discussion in anger.

By your way of thinking anyone saying anything you dislike is proselytizing.

Site the rede and the law. A Wiccan will know it.


I’m tired of anti-theists always looking to pick a fight with others and broadly attacking all religion in a way to spread atheism.


She stepped into my territory when she claimed to be Wiccan.


it seems to be part of the offense staking

of listing demographics as if it’s an entitlement to consideration

& She’s defending christian, which co-opted Wicca

seriously, eh?


I’m tired of religionists thinking they own all the public space

learn that others exist and get to

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