The Alpha and Charlie of Net Political Debate: Moot Points

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

Wow. The Gaystapo saying religion is due to brain damage? Im waiting for them to tell Muslims that one. Cant WAIT to see how that one works out for these bigoted hateful people.


muslim is the same religion as christian, both bad copies of Jewish

the Abrahamic trilogy, and Hollywood’s shown the quality of sequels

all religions have the same zero evidence and are mental illness

you own inability to demonstrate social skills is also evidence, and evident.

With some of these bigots it could be absence of a brain.

Does this also explain why so many republicans and people on the religious right are pedophiles, Child molesters, hatemongers, and hypocrites?


Nice try. Child molesting and deviant sex is pretty much owned by the left. Hollywood is a shining example of perverted pedophiles and those that support them. The left and gays are the purveyors of bigotry and hate these days.


family values shouldn’t point fingers

republicans and their stand by your cheating man show featuring live boy or dead girl, not to mention incest daughters – was it daddy or the son?
stay tuned for the next Duggar Family episode,

not to mention the number of parents who throw their children and teens into the streets

religion is money for nothing and altar boys for free

Republican President and Republican controlled houses

undermining the Supreme Court of the USA

I don’t know how you all can cope with being so marginalized.


Republicans are hardly the only ones that stand by their man/woman over cheating scandals. The left is just more sanctimonious and hypocritical about it. Throw in the mentally deficient that cant decide what sex they are and you have the Gaystapo. Hitler would be proud of you hateful little fascists.


Hitler would be republican

and claiming the dems are as sexually messed up as republicans simply is untrue

dems who get caught in scandals have their careers ended

while republians play the repentance, no one’s perfect contrition routine and are never held to accountablity

even as they impoverish america and don;t let anyone have bootstrapss

until willing to goosestep, the poverty draft is just less paperwork than the draft in previous decades with the same result


Bwahahahaha!! Hitler was a socialist. Please show us ALL your ignorance of history some more why dont you? Let me clue you in a little bit about the REST of your mindless nonsense. Does Ted Kennedy ring a bell? Left the girl in the creek? Died in office. Robbert Byrd, Hillarys friend and Mentor and ALSO the longest seated congressman in US history ran the KKK, which your loving democrats started. Bill Clinton, well, I mean what can ya say. I wouldnt try to play the holier than tho act. You cant pull it off.


President Nixon the crook
President B Movie Actor who ignored AIDS
President CIA Bush the Elder who Gulf War 1.0 Blood for Oil
President Bush the Lessor Doing What Daddy Didn’t Gulf 2.0
President Reality TV Star, tax and military dodger, wife #3 and bankrupt x 6 who can’t tell a contract from a treaty, in bed with porn start and Russians.

Senator McCarthy would be so proud.

meanwhile, President Clinton was the first USA president to say “Gay and Lesbian”: and meet with LGBTQ representives in the white house

and President Obama was the first to say atheists are americans too


Granted. Nixon was a crook. Also the GOP went after him right along with the DNC. Something you WONT see the DNC do where Obama and his cronies spied on Americans, Trumps campaign and all the OTHER crap that is going to be investigated. Fastr and Furious has been reopened. Let me know how THAT works out.
Johnson. One of THE most racist presidents after said Obama who famously said “I will have those niXXXXs voting democrat for the next 50 years.”
Clinton. Him AND his wife both said marriage was between a man and a woman till it was politically favorable to them to say otherwise.
Clinton AND Obama BOTH said in SOTU speeches that illegal immigration was a problem right up until they realized they were losing votes.
Of COURSE Obama said Atheists are Americans too. He always came down on the other side of Christianity.
Clinton boinked inters in the oval office while he was president. Democrats poo poo’ed the fuss. Trump banged a porn star 10 years ago and the democrats cant get off his dick about it. Hypocrites much?

Stalin would be proud.



President Pussy Grabber has 19 harassment accusers and today’s mistress tally is 8.

Obama had no personal sex or financial scandals and nor did any of his family.

Bush the Lessor’s Daughters were drunk driving party girls, and their Daddy did cocaine, which Canada could have barred from from entering for.

Clinton cheated, as did Newt Gingrich who went after Clinton.

the republicans spent more time on bengazi than 9/11, Watergate and Pearl Harbour combined, they have abused process and power and wasted tax payer time & money, as well as obstructed the surpeme court for 2 years under obama and then they broke the rule of law under Trump.

the republican party needs to be arrested for violating the USA government and betraying the public trust.

they are the party that the public needs to be armed against, ironically and Trump has said, take their guns and due process after



President pussy grabber? You are an ignorant whore. Did your father even tell your whore mother his name? Your just another ignorant whore who needs to go sit in the corner and stfu. Whore.


trump said it, he’s the whore with the daddy issues

three wives, 19 harasser accusers, up to 8 confirmed mistresses

you’re a troll and a creepy ineffectual male who can’t handle the truth.


Whore whore whore.I can spot your type in a crowd. Your the whore with the mattress tied to your back


creepy ineffectual charlie male

President Pussy Grabber’s little troll toadie.

Have you ever been with a woman who wasn’t paid or crying?

also, thanks for confirming that one is better than President Bonespur or President Reality TV Host

Businesses are saying no to ‘religious freedom’ laws & lawmakers are listening

This so called religious freedom is a violation of the constitution. The reason people originally came to America is to escape religious oppression. If the founding fathers were around they would had all these religious conservatives arrested and these Nazi Christian politicians executed for treason.


did you ever imagine thinking that Washington needs a Senator McCarthy?

business remembers it can’t cherry pick the public any more than they can employees.

religion is bad for business, bad for communities

it pretends to do charity, operates businesses and lobbies government

all without paying taxes. all that representation without taxation.


Plus they receive donations, I bet many of these religions don’t care and some may take our money and then say, “Sorry, we do not support your kind!”. We should say, give us our money back!


Well, that’s why some religious groups do accept

and the ones that don’t are seeing fewer bums in pews

religion hinders social process and scientific advances that eliminate suffering
and their business model is based on suffering for their prophets

while business is making the world suffer for their profits

The thing Evangelicals and Conservatives want to teach everyone is that Jesus loves some but not all, and actually hates.


Luke 14:25-27 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Decide if You Can Follow Me
25 Many people were traveling with Jesus. He said to them, 26 “If you come to me but will not leave your family, you cannot be my follower. You must love me more than your father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters—even more than your own life! 27 Whoever will not carry the cross that is given to them when they follow me cannot be my follower.

Of course, they have the right to hate all they want. We have the right to make them feel it where it counts the most. Kick um in the coin purse. And kick um hard!


they can hate who they want, in their homes.

they can’t hate in the public square; free speech/expression

which includes broadcasting and publishing – legal limitations apply

and no one’s religion removes any other person’s civil rights

which includes being able to go about lawful business

and do lawful business like any other person in the society

unhindered and unimpeded by others


Well said! They seem to forget that our rights are inalienable, and discrimination is an alienable action.



indeed, they are confused that they have no right to remove other people’s rights

rights are to prevent mob rule

“Freedom to hate bill”. That is so beautifully put.
That is exactly what it is seeking. And the best thing we can all do is boycott and protest to the very legislators there that would approve such an appalling measure. Let their phones ring off the hook, and their doorways be filled with people who care about human rights.


just like religion replacing medicine and religious parents allowing children to die of treatable diseases.

the parent’s religion does not remove the child’s rights

funny how they hate abortion, but allow preventable child deaths

they will fight for the comatose, but send healthy young adults into war zones


Indeed. One might argue that pro-life as the Christians call it is really forced child birth aimed at the subjugation of women. They don’t care about the woman in the slightest, or about the child once born.
To be really pro-life is to provide pre-natal care, family leave, and to give that mother (if she wants to be), and child great healthcare for life, a great education, great job training, and wonderful retirement benefits…care Pre birth to death… that is pro life.
The day the religious right offer those things is the day i convert!


it’s why LGBTQ rights will eventually lead to equal rights for hetero-women in America

Ivanka Trump admits she’s never going to stand up for LGBTQ people

Why can’t anyone appreciate that she’s just being honest? I personally agree that it’s not her place. Sayeth the Lord. Everyone has a place. It’s good to recognize this in Good Will.
If your place is to be angry, so society moves forward, go at it. Everyone has a place.


you’re a godbot with no reason to post here.

do you appreciate such honesty?


I wasn’t brought up in a church and I don’t go to church. The “sayeth the Lord” thing was self-mocking myself as sounding sanctimonious. ( Like a “godbot”. )
I try to think of honesty as a positive thing. It’s better than hypocrisy. I appreciate your honesty in saying I have no reason to post here. I didn’t post here an purpose. I’m an old Lesbian trying to figure out Twitter.


Godbot is a description of a person who only posts their religion. I coined the phrase on an atheist forum some years ago.

This is an excellent example of tone being lost in text.

You, as an ” an old Lesbian trying to figure out Twitter.”

most certainly do have a reason to post here

and I apologize for my misreading your post and for discouraging you.

the problem of not being able to tell parody from extremism
is also that sarcasm and sincerity have a way of being the same
when the sarcasm is sufficiently insightful.


“Godbot” is a great word; I surmised what you meant.


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