Queer Cinema and Flicks

‘Love, Simon’ is a feel-good, gay coming-of-age movie. It matters.

coming out movies? it’s the 1990s all over again.

dear hollywood you’ve always been queer,


Hi, Nina, I agree with you here. I’ve seen the movie and, while I enjoyed it, it did not satisfy. We never discover why he remained in the closet so long. His mother, who is a psychologist even recognized something was going on, did nothing to help him out.

I think it would have been much more realistic if his close friends knew and he came out to his family, but tried to keep the secret from the rest of the school.
Also, Nick Robinson doesn’t have any sense of rhythm. For a guy who listens to golden oldies on vinyl, his performance in the college being gay scene was just sad. One of the problems with casting straight guys to play gay characters.


Indeed. Whining White People over navel gazing

Therapy is usually a lesbian movie thing, post being victims/murders or coming out

when the movie takes too long to gay or lesbian, it’s for hetero people

it’s too much for them to also have a plot.

I was extremely disappointed in Philadelphia since Hanks and Banderas never even kissed. so much for being a long term couple.

it was a hetero movie looking in.

not queers reflecting or representing or telling our stories to each other

It is much better now than it was back in the 1950s when they sent gays to prison. We young boys back then would fool around, but we did not label it and we did not identify with what the news media called us, deviates who hid in the bushes in the park and attacked young boys.


we thought so in the 1990s

and to me, 2018 seems to be more regressing than progressing

this is not a tiny step forward, this is a backward step

coming out stories was 1990s queer cinema
the mainstream should have been over it enough for Hollywood to have done better by now

in 2018, a coming out story should be an MOW at most, or a every special episode of a tv show.

I saw a trailer for this film. It seemed like a typical stupid Hollywood film about stereotyped gay teens with no basis in reality.
As a middle-aged gay man, I’ve seen more than my fill of coming out, coming of age and coming to terms films. Gay life is not just about adjusting, accepting and being accepted for your sexuality. Gay people have complex lives. Why are there so few films about adult gay men, and women, who are comfortable with their sexuality and dealing with other aspect and issues in their lives? More like “Weekend”, “August” and the unfortunately short-lived cable TV series “Looking”. Where are the adult gay filmmakers making films about the lives of gay adults?



Yep. Gay and lesbian filmmakers seem to be stuck in a very deep rut, telling the same story over and over again with only minor variations.


it is really hard to get funding for movies that get a higher rating because queer for the same level of sex or less than in a heterosexual movie

plus that whole, we doubt there’s an audience

the mainstream’s not ready, and how are they ever going to be

if all we get shown as is suicides, murder victims or murders or diseased and dying, or perpetually coming out?

queer is an aspect of a character, not the sum of their plot or character arc.

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