Nations and Relations


Ted Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada

it’s the Texas of Canada so apparently he is confused.

birthers and their hypocrisy, eh?

I am not pleased to share the demographic “Canadian” with him.

Yeah, isn’t Canada meant to be more accepting than America? (No offense if it seems like I am generalising but commonly Canada is more known to be accepting than America)

Canada laws never considered what happened last year

2017 people walked out of the USA through snow to Canada

America not being a safe nation anymore, changed everything

I want to say yes, but honestly, I am not sure that being somewhat better is actually better.

thinking one has acceptance and learning otherwise

almost is better to be fully excluded than partway

In canada, one is less likely to be shot over a difference of opinion

stabbed, maybe, but we tend to allow people to walk away

Americas frontier heros were gunslingers,
Canada’s were the Northwest Mounted Police.

America has President Trump and Canada has an RCMP vs women class action suit this decade.


I am from Australia and I have never been to the Americas (including Canada) so I don’t know how it’s actually like,
See Australia has it’s ups and downs, like we have one of the biggest pride parades around but we also took ages to legalise marriage equality (and trans teens aged 16+ and down had to go to family court before November last year in order to get hormones)
So, I think every country has it’s flaws and it’s good things, but ya know America probably has more flaws (again sorry if I am generalising) than other countries

Generalizing is the best way for two strangers to start communication

rather than jumping into big picture vs small point

points often being used as rule provers or disprovers
and missing the picture entirely

Canada is to America as New Zealand is to Australia,

While Canada failed to marriage equality in the 1985 Charter of Rights, in English Canada, common law marriage was available in 1999. Quebec’s has the Napoleonic not British Common Law as provincial code, and they do not allow common law for anyone. Full marriage followed by three provincial courts (BC, Ontario and Quebec) and the surpreme court making the government be the one to do it in 2003.

in Canada, marriage is federally mandated but province/territory administered. whereas in the USA, marriage is a state matter, and the feds only regulate state exchanges.

for a while, America almost stopped recognizing Canada marriages because American LGBTQ could get married here & return home and the early challenges were done that way, across the border.

I came out in the 1990s and Gays and Lesbian were the public idea of the lgbtq that existed then, but we didn’t get along between the letters effectively enough or across the generations.

Ireland and Australia are the only 2 nations of the more than 30 with marriage equality who did it on a public referendum rather than court ordered. which is amazing given that, back in the 1990s,

we didn’t expect marriage equality in our lifetimes

which, in the AIDS decade, didn’t seem very long


Ah so Canada is the New Zealand (side note : I cannot pronounce New Zealand based on a speaking problem I have had since I was born, I say ‘New Zeal-land’ instead of the proper pronunciation) of the Americas and America is kinda like the Australia of the Americas (but Australia has gun control laws, and is better in some ways).


Cool, the internet is one of the best things for people with hearing and speech impediments. I stutter sometimes, it can even come out when I type. Also have certain words I can’t pronounce!

the internet is less fun for visual reading disability with the password word scrambled or scribbles with the random fonting.

but so few text in web 2.0 and post net-nuetrality web 3.0

it;s just us last shut in holds outs not really caring if it’s a person or bot, be it a person botting a deity or spam

I once did an online quiz about what is your american accent and my response was Minnestoa and that I would be often accused of being Canadian.

which is hellafunny to me, and I understand that Australia uses Canada as a pejorative for soft hearted/soft headed.

Canada, unlike Buddhists can laugh at ourselves.

wehn we have owchies, we get health care

because, like we do care about each other’s experience in and of the world

it’s why Tommy Douglas did it in the 1960s.

look up his quote about Canada being a cow.


Yeah, the internet is good for certain impediments/disabilities, just because when you type something you don’t write how you sound out the words or say them (sometimes maybe, I do often talk when I type just because I want to know what I am saying in a vocal way rather than just a written way)
I don’t use Canada/Canadian instead of soft-hearted/soft headed, I pretty much just say sensitive or some other word just because it’s a stereotype and stuff (Australians are actually most likely to be super friendly and cuddly, but we are stereotyped as strong and brave, I know I am not like I screamed last night because I touched a cockroach)
Yeah, I like it when you can laugh at stereotypes and make jokes about your country and sometimes other countries (I joke about Australia being the most forgotten country a lot)


You are the first Aussie who even admitted to me that Aussie do use Canada that way! Lol. the other ones all said they hadn’t heard it,

I think it’s funny, Canada got noticed by another nation! Australia and Canada have a lot in common

We started using former PM Harper’s name as a swear, and the Canada identity of “we’re not American” is becoming defined in Canada terms of positive rather than what we’re not, eh.

Canada vs America: Culture Shift

State of the Union of North America

Canada and American Refugees

When Will Canada accept American Refugees?

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