#MeToo and #WeToo is #UsToo

I was a bisexual high school student when they cornered me. This is my #metoo story.


the young man in the article was psychologically assaulted and physically intimidated in a sexual context and in a vulnerable location: Gym Class; where the Jocks get their revenge on the smarter kids and where puberty and power trips clash with conformity

being bullied should not be deemed a normal phase of life

how much of a victim does a person have to be

before they get deemed so, by not only the so-called corrective process

but also people who were victims of comparable and scalable sexualized intimation that starts with verbal and becomes physical and eventually violent?

why does there have to be violence to the point of murder

before the verbal, where it starts, is deemed serious?

No one should being going to school or to work afraid of other people in those locations where there is a legal duty obligation on the part of those who operate it, to keep the facility and occupants safe?

and after all the centuries of education and the ingraining of hazing

how are things going to change for students

given the School Boards abuse of School Administration

and the whole teacher union bashing

when does bullied enough become enough with the bullying

dear adults, think of the role models provided for the said children, eh.

divide we fall united we stand

for here, is there the common ground starts:

heterosexual males are the leaderboard problem demographic

for all the other demographics,

Bullying: Made in British Columbia

Is this a joke ?!??? Kid is talking of finding “survivor’s strengh” because…. because two straight jocks were making flirtatious jokes with him and one of them showed his penis ?!??

Are you fucking crazy ???


This is basically the same thing Louis C.K. did to his victims and it caused massive backlash. Why is it different in this scenario? Any unwanted sexual advance is disturbing.


between peers is one thing

and between a person with power over another person’s career is an increase in magnitude

then, there’s rape in intimate relationships adding betrayal

that said, all three scenarios result in a victim of a sexualized power trip

and the so called corrective process often are more damaging than the inciting incident.


Bullying: if we stop it in schools; how will the children be prepared for the workplace?

Lost me at the “queer” slur. Don’t use it to make points about being bisexual.


most things are actually lost on you,

sock puppet troll of a  closet cliche troll

desperately seeking queer attention


oh please.

get over yourself.

#1 we all know that this is just another of your many socks.

#2 some LGBT people identify as queer. get used to it, it’s not going to ever change.

#3 the author at no time “used it to make points” you’re just delusional… maybe all that time espousing hate against members of the LGBT community while pretending to be one of us is getting to you?

Talking to young people about bullying


This person is a racist airhead if you look at what they wrote in another article. But will facebook care. Not unless he is actually black?

it’s another of the fear/anger fetishlike why anal sex is a fixation of their oration talking pointsthey speak pure disgust in public, about which they drool desire in private

Anti-Bully campaign videos

Apparently PM Trudeau is taking on facebook

but I doubt Canada will have any more impact than the last time when the Court ruled against Facebook on it’s privacy policy for being insufficient

but there is no way to stop people from logging into a site and surrendering their civil rights.

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

“Why was being “girly” a bad thing?”
Try telling Rose McGowan how mannish she is and see how flattered she feels.

excellent point

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