Every Generation: Schoolyard Code

Lesbian senior’s discrimination case could clear the way for LGBT housing rights

this is where Gen X owes the Boomers an apology

LGBTQ senior care has been on the community backburner since the 1990s

our community needs to build this infrastructure with the wealth we collectively have

going from decades where we had no future

to post 1990s when we started to, as we built mainstream included lives

and now, the LGBTQ has more generations at the same time than ever before

it’s 2018 and we are still having the 1960s and 1980s civil rights fight to have rights

Dear Milennials: you outnumber the boomers and someday, if you are lucky

you too will get to be old

and when one is old, it should not still be the schoolyard rules.

It’s all senior care, regardless of orientation, people are simply living a lot longer. In my local care home, which charges $2000 a week, there are three residents who are over 100 and one is 105. It’s fine if you’re like Eileen Ash, who is still driving at that age, but for many life isn’t so sweet, and the cost of providing decent care for 30-40 years has become unaffordable to most, regardless of assets, savings, pensions, etc. as many will never have the $4m+ such long-term care will cost.


it’s really not care when the patient is isolated socially

the entire warehousing of elderly and disabled people

is almost as bad as the initial Victorian Era

and those places nay have the medical care,

but the lacking of social support

is where the community needs to step up

we are capable of those businesses and those jobs

and doing it for people, not profits or poorly because of prophets.

how does a mainstream system that marginalizes us our whole lives

suddenly become okay for the vulnerable elderly?

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