Discrimination Rights vs Minority Rights

If the majority has a right to oppress, then the minority has no rights.

If rights mean anything, then it is in the extending of them, not the withholding or removal.

And, as for Working Places, there is no right to refuse service or reduce quality of owing to demographics. Not just sales of things or provision of services; but in professional ethics.

Trump’s ‘license to discriminate’ for healthcare workers will cost $300 million to implement

wait until the first christian is told to go home and pray instead of being admitted.


Too true, because you know that once the precedent is set, then it opens the door for other groups being discriminated against.


it is funny that they fear becoming a minority

yet they will not stop making the other demographics dislike them

worse, what they fear most is being treated the way that they actually treat everyone else.

what’s an irony metre worth these days?



But alas, they’re too stupid to see the irony.


it’s difficult to be the joke butt

and irony requires humour,

a sense of which, the religious do not have

& why, religion is mental illness, and needs to be declared so by the medical and mental health profession

biology does not disprove religion, anthropology does.

money, productivity and lives are wasted

on zero evidence navel gazing

which, medical science has shown prayer and meditation are processed in the same brain area as sex, thus the sacred/profane dynamic.


Personally, I don’t mind being the butt of a joke, heck, I often use myself as the butt of a joke in real life. But then again I don’t have a fragile, brittle ego like 99.9% of evangelicals do.


You can do that because you have a sense of humor.

Religion takes itself seriously and responds to humor with emotional anger, physical violence and manifests as social oppression and seeks power for systemic justification adding systemic oppression.

People who are religious do not have a sense of humor

and also, why the crusaders get genocidal

it is a major flag of mental illness

religion also meets the diagnostic manual of mental conditions for delusions and much much more

they are literal and are incapable of literary

it’s why they read the smallest meanest meagerness meaning of every word

and fixate on numbers as if the religion with the most followers wins

even as they Ponzi Scheme and do not pay taxes

they accuse the LGBTQ of recruiting and harming children

when children are religion’s first recruits.

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