Power and Prejudice:The Lawful Urination

Iowa introduces anti-transgender bathroom bill

this is what we are supposed to remember when we say

Lest We Forget

that making rules that limit people’s lawful conduct based on demographic is not lawful

and is social prejudice put into systemic practice

It’s is sad that the right-wing extremists are so set on hurting the LGBTQ+ community that they completely overlook that this tactic has been tried before, and it blew up in their faces. They don’t learn.


they literally do the same thing, expecting different results

and then they cry victim when they are not allowed to oppress other people

religion is mental illness

decade after decade and in every single nation

frankly, everything that the Christians accused the Muslims of, they are both guilty of

the transference and projection would be funnier, if not for the obvious, they are the same religion


They don’t learn because they live in a continuous state of fear and hatred and never bother to fact check anything.


they sincerely believe whatever they want

reality is not relevant to religious people


I think they live in fear because they really do not know any of us. They are afraid not of us as people, but of a caricature they have been fed which does not represent reality but which they BELIEVE is entirely accurate.


yes, it’s why the coming out

so people know that they know one

has been the critical part of the advance in rights and social changes since the 1960s for what was once gay and lesbian and now is LGBTQ2

Women and girls have no greater fear of men in the bathroom than they do of other women. If someone wishes to do illegal things in a bathroom, it really doesn’t matter what gender identity they claim.


on an atheist forum, the word “elevatorgate” will ignite a men vs women flame war

(and that’s assuming there are any women on the forum in the first place)

and that’s men who claim to be feminists or not as bad as religious men

I also suggest you research the difference in crime stats across gender,

fascinating reading, really.

bathrooms and elevators are the two most dangerous places, followed by parking lots

and by crime stats, heterosexual men are the biggest danger to men, women and children

by their own admissions in court and as a defense: the infamous homosexual panic defence

hetero men’s expectation of being allowed to murder another man who might have looked or actually hit on them

and the crime stats of murdering of ex wives or girlfriends, often with the offspring as punishment or collateral damage or women that rejected them
stranger rapes

the wrong demographics have the restrictions on freedom of public movement and particpation

lol… public curfews and clothing restrictions for hetero men

until they can demonstrate they are civilized and can work and play well with others, eh?


This is just so true!




Will look into it. I am a man, and because I don’t believe there should be differences in societal roles between genders, I consider myself a feminist. I don’t support “girls can hit boys, but boys can’t hit back” or that some women earn less money initially than men in certain jobs. I find it absolutely ridiculous that we perpetuate this war over who has done what to whom. If we all just accept one another at face value, and respect one another therein, we don’t need to live in fear. I anticipate anyone in the bathroom is there to relieve their bodily functions or use the mirrors to affirm their appearance. If not, then we already have laws in place to punish the nefarious behavior


I once accidentally walked into a men’s bathroom and used the facilities and did not realize until I was at the sink, washing my hands

looking in the mirror at the urinals on the wall behind me

realizing that I was in the wrong room

when a man entered, and looked at me,stepped back out and looked at the door symbol and then at me again,

so I said “I’m in the wrong room”

it was very comical, and most of the time, people are jut going about their business

It’s the times when some people are not and there are places where it’s dangerous and predatory people know where to hunt for their prey

public safety and public policy has to include awareness of crime, not just ideals

Rose McGowan berated a trans woman. Now the woman is speaking out.

I am disappointed in McGowan’s use of the phrase “They assume”

we need to get away from us vs them between vulnerable groups

for commonality and intersectionality, were the community strength is

degrees and nuances of victim-hood is not social cred or empathy merit

we need to speak with each other, not at to or for


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