When Brainbots Meet

Godbots spew ideology, Glandbots are hedonists

then, there’s brainbots

or, what happens when smart people meet

Religious right leader claims gays shouldn’t be judges because they’ll discriminate


They live their lives by the strictures of artificial rules made up by their ‘spiritual leaders’ based on their misinterpretation of an ancient collection of bronze age folk tales turned ‘holy’ by the corrupt priest class of a dying empire for the sake of power.

We live our lives based on the very natural world they’ve turned their backs on. We would be happy if not for them. They hate us because we won’t wear their hair shirt and they don’t understand that they really don’t have the right to force is to be like them.


have you ever read “The Year of Living Biblically – by AJ Jacobs”?

it’s freaking hysterical and I could not believe that he still clung to religion under the “cultural practice” attachment.

people having a relationship with objective reality remains sadly rare, even in 2018

Letting Go of God by Julia Sweeney is on youtube, the full one woman show and the 10 minute TED talk version.

when I read the 1980s’ Holy Blood and Holy Grail, I did not read that as revealing a conspiracy, but rather showing how far and foolish people will go to uphold the lie to hang onto their easier jobs than the laborers and peasants

being a priest has always been money for nothing and altar boys for free.


I may have read Holy Blood and Holy Grail in the 80’s, about the same time I renounced that path. But, the others don’t ring any bells. Thanks Nina, I’ll look into them.


it’s funny to me that that HB/HG book being proven a fraud, and then plagiarized for the Dan Brown fictional book/movies.

in 1986, my high school history class, and other school’s classes, when to the University of BC for a holocaust conference.

On the panel was 2 people with tattoo numbers who survived the Nazi Germany camps, a UBC history prof and a local Catholic Official.

so, of 800 high school teens, I was the only one who got up and asked a question – and just having read the HB/HG book

I asked the Catholic Representative why they were so intolerant of other groups to the point of genocide, not just the WW2, but going back to the Crusades and the genocide of the Cathars.

the priest was stunned by the question and the history prof jumped into explain, he was also surprised/but in a please way that a high schooler had learned any history

he smiled as he said “Those groups were heretics”

as if that was supposed to answer the question I had asked, and it was not why that group

so I said, that doesn’t explain why the Catholics are genocidal and calling other groups heretics.

the University Prof sulked after his scolding and the Catholic guy admitted he did not have an answer and astonishingly admitted that the Catholic Church supported the Nazi Germany efforts

later in my life, I also met a few people who had been interned in Canada’s camps – Japanese people, when Canada did not inter Germans.

religion is mental illness

Mississippi democrat introduces bill to force teachers to recite the Ten Commandments daily

More proof of what I’ve been saying, there are idiots and zealots in every group, no exceptions. Should he know better? Yes, but what he should know is different that what he assumes.


time for a test for religion before holding office

and anyone with a positive test result, does not get one

I can see why the public is not seeing a difference between the 2 american parties

Separation of church and state means government is not endorsing or forcing religion

On the other hand, it might do some good to remind right-wingers and the children about the commandment not to bear false witness against their neighbors.


a list of rules that are mostly about obeying authority are not a good set of rules


If they would start following their own damn rules, it could only be an improvement.


no, blindly following is the problem with all the 10 commandment versions.

and, those people who are genocidally violent are in fact, those most following said rules.

the moderates would become part of their problem, once the purged of the rest of the dissenting non-compliers are executed in the public square or privately in prison


Uh, no, they are rather blatantly not following the rules against killing, stealing, or lying.


blindly following bad rules is worse than breaking them

and we are discussing politicians who are, as a group, worse than priests

while religion is money for nothing and altar boys for free

politicians undermine the very social institutions they are supposed to be leading

far greater social damage than destroyed families


So true! If the ONLY reason someone behaves in a civilized fashion is fear of their imaginary sky Daddy they need to be separated from the rest of us permanently. When someone insists on announcing to me that they are a “Christian” I hide the silver, keep all children WELL away from them and keep them at a very long distance! I find them the coldest, cruelest creatures I’ve run across. Current events have modified that base to avoid to be followers of the Abrahamic “god”. The Christians here are determined to rule us just like ISIS does countries with predominantly Muslim followers. NOT ACCEPTABLE!


Jew/Christ/Islam is the same religion, they form the Abrahamic Trilogy.


the problem with the Abrahamic trilogy is the entire idea that humans can’t know/determine right/wrong for themselves

so it makes for pointless zero sum circle jerks instead of conversations.

“My god is right” vs “you are mentally ill”

Mike Pence gas-lights gay people: I never supported conversion therapy


Again, another emotionally reactionary comment based not on evidence but on opinion to satisfy an anti-Trump sentiment. Where have they been repeated in the present by Pence??? I did NOT say he and Trump are pro-LGBT. GO back and read my original comment!!! READ correctly!


lgbtq are being oppressed by the religious righteous

the details of who said what matter little when the supreme court is broken and legislation is being passed against groups of demographics

learn history and understand what’s happening now

Operation Paperclip is the best place to start your research


it is weird that they do not realize that we recognize them as predators

and are not fooled by them


      So true. They’re caught up in their own lies so deeply that they think we’re persecuting them as we fight to be rid of their hate and oppression. It’s a classic bully becomes the victim mentality.

    • Avatar

        also they are convinced that they have fooled us

        even as we tell them, we can see and hear and know what has happened before

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          They live their lives in a mirror lined echo chamber, filled with loud speakers playing recordings of their own voices back at themselves.

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            yes, and confused why the people don’t respect their oppression

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              They’ve loved in a ‘god given rights’ bubble for so long that they really do seem to believe that we are attacking them by fighting back against them and demanding that we have our rights too. They are the school yard bully getting angry because their victims are fighting back.


                given the overlap between the domestic abuse checklist and the deity/believer relationship, is it not surprising how they confuse threats and control freaking with loving


                  that and the way they were taught that the righteous would be persecuted for their faith. they actually think they are the ones being persecuted. the irony is thick enough to hammer.

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