My First Adult Drink of 2017

Today I returned home from an outing which included visiting my Aunt in the hospital, brunch at the Prairie Cafe on Fraser Hwy in Surrey BC, then two grocery store stops.

Egg Nog with rum, tis the season, and axial tilt the reason.

Masturbation turns people gay, according to a Mormon Church booklet

religion is not medical knowledge, and it’s not history

religion is mental illness that gives intolerance a pass on oppression

in the marketplace of ideas, it is a poor competitor

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    That is an amazing comment.

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    gratitude, religion meets the diagnostic manual meaning of delusion,and I expect if religion was listed, that manual book would get a lot smaller.



Why is this lesbian trying to overturn marriage equality?


she is putting her selfish person above the entire LGBTQ2 community, and ignoring the rule of law

the time to object was before the child existed, not after

The thing is, it’s clear that she DID object before the child existed, and her objections weren’t listened to by her partner.

she consented to the child by remaining in the relationship.

her opt out was to leave and find someone else who also did not want children

and to allow the partner to move on with someone else who would

she does not now get to claim not a parent and behave as badly as the heterosexuals do.

that she would undermine civil rights gains for an entire demographic is the bigger issue, bad enough that others use group religion, she has no business controlling other people or expecting to avoid consequences

with certain irony, I say, think of the child in the situation, they have a relationship, sub par that is clearly is

part of the marriage is responsibility and as a community, we have to shoulder that

not only for the offspring that we raise, but also those thrown out of their homes and into the streets, to mentor them and not be predatory

She sounds like the type of women who gets drunk with a man and accuses him of rape, just because she was drunk and had sex with him; the type of woman who completely disregards that the man was also drunk, making him a victim as well.

The type of woman who thinks a man shouldn’t assault a woman to protect himself, after she assaults him.

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    she is acting like a man trying to walk away from responsibilities

    and as for your unrelated situation, too many decades of crime and differing harm outcomes for men to claim to be at or near level of victim, where he’s the stud who needs protecting and she is deemed as the deserved it slut. it is no longer as simple as “no mean no”; when Republican Politicians claim rape is at all legitimate

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