December 9: 1 Minus Human Rights Day


December 6: Canada Edition

December 6 – In Memorium

Quebec December 6: The Montreal Massacre of Women Engineering students

December 6 and Civilian Mass Shootings

British Columbia,

December 9, The BC Human Rights Tribunal invited a number of gay and lesbian groups to discuss the proposed legislated by the Progress Conservative Party’s then Minister of Justice Kim Campbell and the Supreme Court Ruling in the Brian Mossop vs Canada ruling that impacted employee benefits of queer employees being eventually deemed on par with those provided to heterosexual employees of the Federal Government.

CanCon Pridelets: The December 9 Coalition

I went to that meeting representing and reporting as Angles News Editor, Vancouver’s first queer newspaper.Part of why that meeting was so memorable, was because the group of gays and lesbians who were invited based on their having an association with a group with a listed in the phone book telephone; continued to meet and to build a coalition across community groups – and it lasted for several years and spanned many event types.

Being an Over-experienced community volunteer…

The December 9 Coalition, named for the meeting day and being before December 10 International Human Rights Day – for which, in the 1990s, we still were not there, nor now in 2017; geographically and social class relatively speaking eh.

December 10 – Happy Legal Fabrication Day

In the early 1990s, it went from being the Gay and Lesbian on the masthead to Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual by collective 3 months of meetings to accomplish; and adopted the phrase “Lesbigay” as an editorial short hand of lesbian bisexual gay — the later addition of Transgender, was after I had stopped volunteering and was done by a volunteer with stealth – being the person who dropped off the camera ready art to the printer’s – alone in the office with all the materials to simply make the change, which could not then be justifiable reverted. LGBT became the 1990s post AIDs cultural shift, the community began the internal adjustments, even as the mainstream began to adjust to us.

The 1990s Canadian Edition

Freddie Mercury’s AIDs death, kd lang, Melissa Etheridge and Ellen coming out.

The Forgotten Queers of 9/11

Applying Statistics to Community Activism: The Importance of Counting


burnt out, rusted out, worn out

Raw Recovery Specialist

Agoraphobic Philsopher

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