Communicating Clearly Across Conflict

Today I did a partly for need and partly for pleasure outing in New Westminster.
It included a stop at the McDonalds at 8th and McBride,
they had an American news channel, CNN on, and I saw that Micheal Flynn is getting 6 months and under a $10,000 fine.
so I went up to the tv on the wall to check again what I saw and I did see it correctly
the scrawl repeated as the anchor interviewed experts of various levels
Professional Observers sharing their observations and also Professionals sharing their analysis
so I said, out loud and to no one in particular
“that’s pretty light for treason”
and there was an older women sitting at the table at the tv who agreed
and then said “still better than if Crooked Hillary got in.”
I had turned to face her as she spoke
and by “Crooked”  I had already rolled my eyes at her
and so I replied:
“Draft Dodging Bankrupt times 4 is not better.”
Then, I walked away from her – leaving that woman opened mouthed in her seat – and out of the restaurant.
I wonder what she would have done if I’d done the whole line
“draft dodging, tax avoider bankrupt x4 and on Trophy Wife #3
brought to you by the patriot family values party”
going there, vs go big or go home eh.
If we can’t talk about politics, religion and sex with people, and we won’t talk about how to talk about these things
then we really need to talk about the disproportional level of who is making decisions for the people who have to live with consequences.
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