The Tire Expedition Thwarted

The planned annual trek to the place for the change over from all season to winter tires was thwarted by the lack of a key.

The Gate at the Public Storage Place was keypad opened;

But the padlock on the door; lacking a key

was stalled at the sliding door


I even went down to the Business’ office to purchase a new lock and get to employee to bring some tools to break the one on it.

Alas, they were out of stock of locks.

The Employee suggested Home Depot as an option that was nearby.

I smiled at him, a millenial and taller than me and eager to customer service

“It’s okay,” I said, “It’s not your problem, just out of stock, it happens.”

I shrugged to emphasis the point; and I Gallic Shrugged as the descriptor

“But, by the time I deal with Home Depot, I am going to be able to deal with the tire place. And normally, there would have been locks and the problem could have solved. so Thank you for helping“.

Returned home. where the keys may have now been found

and appointments being booked, instead of the chance of first come first serve.

Given the last winter was about 9 months, very unusual in my almost 50 years of living in the same region; owing to the summer storms down at the tropics and equator, up near the 49th parallel.

And this summer’s hurricane and storm season; increasing in variation and making 100 and 500 year storm peaks more likely

it’s gonna be another very white few seasons


News – Visualizing what Harvey’s impacts would look like in Canada …


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