This Post is a Test of Law In Canada

Suzanne Catty
Trudeau is continuing the Harper era lack of transparency. He also extended the use of coal in two provinces by 5 years clearly showing he is the enemy of science and the environment. No surprise funding is lacking, so is information.
The Globe and Mail supported Harper and his silencing of science and fact for over a decade, you are hardly in a position to whine now. However you could redeem your position as a globally important newspaper by actually publishing facts and submitting FOIA’s to ferret out the truth. Just sayin’.

Nina Tryggvason – Why is the Harper Administration Throwing Away Entire Libraries?
Why is the Harper Administration Throwing Away Entire Libraries?

Griffin Walker
You can’t fix this…you can only guard against effect’s… Tell the people publicly the truth and they will get behind this…the whole truth including how government made it worse…

Nina Tryggvason
+Griffin Walker a Harper Era Law that is not rescinded prevents me from posting an actual comment.

Nina Tryggvason
The above post and this one, are a public test of the limit of that law. Not.Just.Saying. eh


Without funding, Canadian climate science is in peril: Effective action and commitment will be impossible unless Canadians and decision-makers have up-to-date information on how our climate is changing
Without funding, Canadian climate science is in peril
Without funding, Canadian climate science is in peril
It is real, and it’s on.

Only In Canada, eh

War on Christmas
First, I want to apologize for this meme being out of date

and with the wrong picture of my American Counterpart

whom, I am very pleased to see is no longer in jail

either in Government custody or in the gender

I will be doing an updated version – so this version is just a preview

and not the final version – and I am a Dyke – I am revealing myself to be a Government Employee. Disabled and Retired.

but, I am in 2 important class action lawsuits in Canada

because unlike every other social movement for rights, women, ethnicities and unpopular cults until they are of size to be deemed religion – and especially the most hated, feared, loathed and misunderstood group of all:

people who are free thinkers who do not religion at all.

Like Queers, Atheists can look like anyone

just push the post button, no sense letting fear stop you know, when you’ve already gone too far, eh.

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