Medical Duo Completed Outing

My Mom stayed in the car because I did not park in a handicap stall. I parked down the row and got in a very small walk to the bank.. Credit Union actually.

From there it was over the continuing to be illegally tolled Port Mann crossing.


British Columbia now with a minority government, with Three Seats, The Green Party will decide which minority government to initially support before the next election, which we should expect in 18 to 24 months.

65 years is out of living memory of the last time this political situation occurred in the province. But, Minority govs are Minority govs; and gloves are off in BC Libs knuckle fight with BC NDP.

Into Vancouver, were, again, it’s the Burnaby merges that congest.

HOVing until Grandview and gridlock.

Rupert to Broadway, down Victoria to frigging Venables street. cross commerical

stuck behind a cargo train, flat deck train cars with 2 shipping containers stacked

I’d not seen that before, not a train car in the portion that I saw from 2 blocks back.

Over the controversial Via-Duct and into the downcore core, where I didn’t change lanes in time and got stuck going up Burrard instead of my preferred Bute street.

Anyway, up the street by the St Pauls and on Bute at Davie-ish =building Construction!


I got parking on Davie Street – 6 minutes on the metre right in front of the Subway outlet.

My Mom went there and I went to the dispensary and talked to 3 staffers.

After that, to the newspaper boxes – Georgia Straight (corporate hippie), The WestEnder (City zone community paper, unofficial gay community paper, owing to location) and the 2 commuter newszines Metro and 24 for my Mom, who is addicted to the crosswords.

Subway requires a key request for the bathroom, also a location/homeless population geographic variable across the .. I am not sure if it’s a chain or a franchise.

Anyway, out of the, working the street grid to avoid construction, it’s the dryish season that that work. Delayed by the longest continuous snow season we’ve had in about 15 years.

Back to the highway, where I could not face the illegal toll and took the New West exit to the in dire need of being shut down, at least for big commercial traffic who drive down the centre lanes and not on all the other new bridges purpose built for them

Through new westminster and back to Surrey. where we experienced a construction detour and there had been no warning signs or any detour signs. and no sight line to that deconstructed both lanes torn apart just before the elementary grade school.

I ended up driving on streets near my home that I have no memory of ever being on. But, grids are grids.


Once home, I phoned the pharmacy from the day before outing and gave them my Health Care insurance plan information.

I had to stop and explain to the pleasant woman on the phone that I was nervous and stuttering and needed a minute. She was kind and she asked me for the card information out of sequence of the number sets on the card and by a different lingo.

So I told her what three number types that I had, and she told me which one she wanted.

which makes 4 non-related people, three of them utter strangers and 1 familiar face that I can place a name to.

in the news

Dear America: You spend more than the next 6 nations combined, maybe you need to spend less on destruction and more on crumbling infrastructure and fix your public schools so your people are qualified for these jobs they keep being told are trickling down once the rich get enough money

Trump scolds NATO leaders for not paying up, vows crackdown on Manchester leaks | Toronto Star

“This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.” Trump scolds NATO leaders for not paying their fair share to protect the alliance. Trump scolds NATO leaders for not paying up, vows crackdown on Manchester leaks | Toronto Star
Join The Intercept in Documenting the Conflicts of Interest of Hundreds of Trump Appointees

broken Supreme Court,

rewriting government rules, ignoring the constitution, rampant cronyism; violation of the Trust of Allied nations..

but let’s talk about Bernie Sanders. facepalm

Dear America Germany 1930s and you now.

the lesson of Germany is partly, do not open up too many theatres of war, there is an upper limit to fronts, the other one being, do not do ww1/2 again, at home or abroad.
Since the start of the Trump administration, the United States has held off from patrols challenging China’s wide-reaching claims in the in South China Sea – but how strong?
US patrol sends signal to Beijing's claims in South China Sea – but how strong?
Taxpayers Charged $7 Billion a Year to Subsidize Fossil Fuels on Public Lands
Taxpayers Charged $7 Billion a Year to Subsidize Fossil Fuels on Public Lands
companies get government money and no regulations, and the public is supposed to think business works in the interest of the public good?
It’s all about the price
The price point is what will cause the final shift. I often remark that Tesla need to create a ‘peoples car’ 10 grand no matter what the currency. Yes that means a stripped down model but so what, we are talking changing the world here and frequently the extras are what make car repairs so expensive.
I drove a propane powered Lada in the 80’s and would drive one today if they were still around. C’mon Elon, green shouldn’t cost the earth.
Gas-Powered Cars Will Vanish In 8 Years, Big Oil Will Collapse: Stanford Study

are embodiment symbols?, the actual thing is not a metaphor.


Sleep Disorders Affect Men and Women Differently

Results show that women are more likely to feel tired and depressed than men.

The research is in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. (full access paywall)

Sleep Disorders Affect Men and Women Differently
Sleep Disorders Affect Men and Women Differently


  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    because our problem solving mechanism is different and dreams are where we work things out

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    Nous aussi nous travaillons _ ne vous inquiètes pas

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    goods example of the problem and solutions differing, sexism much?
  • Erick Bremont's profile photo
    Mais qu’est ce t’as dans la bouche
    c’est sur le nez que ça se met ça poupée?
  • Ponangi Parvathidevi's profile photo
    Yes it may be . But good information
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    It’s a stress ball from my employer to remind myself of being silenced so I am careful about what I post. thank you for asking.
  • Erick Bremont's profile photo
    Ok I will ask in case ……. Thanks
    Welcome to Public Service Appreciation Week
  • 21h
  • Erick Bremont's profile photo
    Rien de nouveau sous le soleil Spirale d’Archimède

    ok, t’es décomplexé ,, NOUS aussi

    Et tous les goûts sont dans la nature
    Autrement dit: Je poste ce que je veux

  • translation by google:
    Nothing new under the sun Archimedean Spiral

    ok, you’re uninhibited ,, WE also

    And all tastes are in nature
    In other words, I post what I want

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     I have no idea what you are talking about, my profile picture is political resistance.

“”Moonlight,” and its story of a young black gay man struggling with his identity, may have won the coveted best picture Oscar this year, but it is still hard to find an LGBTQ character in a major Hollywood movie, according to a report on Thursday.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group GLAAD said that only 23 of the 125 films released by the seven major Hollywood studios in 2016 includes LGBTQ characters. The “Q” stands for Questioning or Queer.”

LGBTQ community faces “invisible” Hollywood summer movie season
LGBTQ community faces "invisible" Hollywood summer movie season

one got an award and was cheated of their podium moment,

so now it’s 5 more years before a gay holocaust film gets made and oscars, then 15 years before a lesbian 1990s story of how bad we where then,

may a white transwoman in danger quirky comedy, then 10 for another black gay story, just to avoid black queer women, and transmen of demographic.

plus any and all other demographics not mentioned or yet socially emerged

while the mainstream acts like the 1950s/1980 were good decades.

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