National Values vs Citizen Values

Does Australia’s values test have a future in Canada?: The plan to screen immigrants for Australian values represents a crass U-turn for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Does Australia’s values test have a future in Canada?
Does Australia’s values test have a future in Canada?


  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    We need to start screening for Canadian values..instead of bringing in racist, anti freedom, chauvinist, segregation, hatred filled people into our country…we should of screened for Canadian values before we elected Trudeau..


  • Jim Humphries's profile photo
    More of your usual hate-filled drivel.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     Canadian values are about inclusion, not exclusion
  • Why are you christian if you are saying you are against those isms?
  • Jim Humphries's profile photo
    An attempt to preserve status quo will be in fact unCanadian and just impossible in our ever changing world.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Canada values are enshrined in the Chart of Rights and people with religion have got to learn that that their personal choices do not apply to other people.
  • those who are bothered by that others exist, do not understand they are the ones with the problem – and it’s a mental illness.


The Casting Of A White Actor As Native Hawaiian Hero Cuts Deeper Than You Think
The Casting Of A White Actor As Native Hawaiian Hero Cuts Deeper Than You Think


  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    it is embarrassing to be a white person, when the demographic is so mired in fear and erasing the little diversity that we have. IDIC.


  • Wanda Lotus's profile photo
     White people like you are our best hope for creating a more diverse future. Keep speaking up and challenging others in your demographic.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    gosh thank you. that rachel dolenez really doing it the wrong way, eh. seriously, between the conservatives who make being a white hetero unappealing and white embarrassing…
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    sorry about that, I was caught off guard by your thanking me for rational adulting, I’ve never experienced that on the internet before, going back to Web 1.0 even. Gratitude.
  • Wanda Lotus's profile photo
    “Rational adulting” I love that! LOL! You would think the two go hand in hand, but they don’t always.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    no, they really don’t, adult sized toddlers – Godbots -most and adult sized teenagers Glandbots.and that is where the Average and Below are and why high school never gets to end, unfortunately for those of us with functioning brains beyond the stems.

Dear Vancouver Battered Women’s Shelter, I know you are still bruised from the Kimberly Nixon volunteer/court battle

But, your model is based on man bad/woman victim and there are many more dynamics than that in society.

This is feminism, this is Hetero-sexism by women, the ones who threw the lesbians under the rights bus in the 1970s after USA Roe v Wade and Canada’s 1980 ending of abortion in the criminal code.
More Victim than Thou is not a game that anyone wins – because it means not identifying, who the problem demographic is.
Heterosexual and their sociopathic sexuality – over breeding the environment, over consuming resources and demanding conformity and praise for tolerating others?



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