Burb to Core and Back Again

So today, it was over the illegally Provincially tolled Port Mann Crossing on the TransCanada Highway which is supposed to be a freeway, free of both tolls and intersections across the nation, but from with BC from south side of the Fraser River to Vancouver.

New Westminster on one side and Coquitlam on the other, then Burnaby;where all the traffic going to Vancouver for commuters begins; into the downtown core to one of the most expensive lots in the city

through all of Vancouver’s grid streets blocked by construction; to My doctor, then out of the DownCore into Vancouver to the Law Office

then, being on that side, rather than swing thru Downtown back to Highway, down 12th Avenue, pass the Vancouver City hall and onto that narrow old road which was suddenly a lake with a cloudburst downpour

then onto the freeway, where the sun was full sky and the water in the air from the road was a heavy fog glowing with sunlight

I got out of the HOV lane and across the regular and slow/merge lane into the exit merge for the Gaglardi – named for a former BC Highway minister who build Sandman hotels before the exits from highways were built; which goes to SFU, Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, into New West and down then across the hated and disintegrating Patullo Bridge

where once again, a commercial truck drove down the centre of the 2 lanes

when all those other bridges have been built for that traffic.

back home again, but with another outing to The Mall for this afternoon.


Wilson-Raybould said impaired driving bill would not violate charter rights

CTV News  – ‎3 hours ago‎
Demanding a breath sample from a motorist is no different than asking for their licence and registration, Canada’s justice minister argued Thursday as the federal Liberal government defended its proposed new crackdown on impaired driving.
Actually, providing documents for the vehicle is different than providing samples from one’s person.
You have until 2020. You’ve been warned.
Air Canada plans to replace Aeroplan in 2020 with new loyalty program | Toronto Star
Air Canada plans to replace Aeroplan in 2020 with new loyalty program | Toronto Star
maybe companies should just do goods and services and not invent their own currencies.

Agoraphobic Philosopher

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