Today was a challenge

I had two passengers and Surrey was a maze of construction.

The Patullo Bridge needs to be shut down.

The Big Truck traffic that drives down the centre of the 2 lanes, after all those other tolled and expensive other bridges were built for them.

One small car actually kept swerving into my line, showing it’s not just the big trucks who can’t drive.

New Westminster was little better and the insane parking lot that is the off the Bridge and up n around down to the Burnette Truck Route the Langley way, and the turn onto Royal Ave – New Westminster’s processional way.

Where turning up at 6th by the original building that was supposed to be the Capitol of the Province of BC – but was changed to Victoria on the Vancouver Island so the American Military couldn’t easily take the Provincial capital in the era of war before airplanes and so on towards modern drones; where the drab building across the street with the huge liquor store billboard more draws the eye.

Wall building around cities was frontier fort days, and Canada nationed up in WWI/II as cannon fodder proving wars are not great, nor so terrible that it ends them as a concept.

Which, Canada helped form the League of Nations, so Victorian, eh! Which gave rise to the UN, which experienced peak irony with First Lady Roosevelt getting the concept of human rights into law, knowing they would be denied to her and Hicks.

A frustrating parking lot, a medical building and back through that mess just in advance of rush hour, which makes me wonder why construction is not limited to 9:30 and 2:30, instead of backing up traffic more hours at both ends for everyone else.

Anyway, I just kept in mind that for some people there are opportunities and other people, accidents.

Honestly the level of distractions being built into vehicles, is horrifying. Worse, how many people think they are good or really good drivers, when they are average and worse, over-driving for the experience, vehicle and road conditions.

Anyway. tomorrow I go out again and I have 2 stops, 1 medical and 1 legal.

Raw Recovery Specialist

trying to be

Agoraphobic Philosopher

Former Vancouver Mayor defeats Transgender Candidate

why is a former mayor running for a counsel seat? I thought that Vancouver was a leap to BC Premiere.

Which, Surrey is now a launch from city to province to federal running for ridings. where once, you had to live there.
Sam Sullivan defeats Morgane Oger in Vancouver-False Creek
Morgane Oger fails in bid to become first elected transgender politician in Canada | Metro Vancouver
“Canada Post is issuing 10 special stamps to honour key moments in Canada’s 150-year history.
Canada Post unveils stamp celebrating same-sex marriage rights in country. It says the day in 2005 when same-sex marriage became legal across the country is one of the milestones that have shaped Canada. The stamp, along with the other nine commemorating moments such as Expo67 and the creation of the Canadarm, will be available on June 1.”
Canada Post unveils stamp celebrating same-sex marriage rights in country
wait.. didn’t it take like 50 years to pay off the Expo 67 Debt ?
Protesters Demand Moscow Stop Chechen Atrocities
Meanwhile in Global reality
Credit Suisse bank rewards North Carolina for law denying LGBT people civil rights
we’ve seen this, anyone with money is good, before, eh
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