Happy 80th Hindenberg Disaster

May 6, 1937
“Oh the humanity!” the radio voice cried, unable to describe the sight of the Nazi Germany’s pride and joy airship explode in a fireball. The oversized engineering, the lack of quality steering and all that flammable gas.
It is to air, as the Titanic is to the ocean
The hydrogen-filled German airship Hindenburg crashed and burned while attempting to dock at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Lakehurst, New Jersey.
Thirty-five of the 97 people on board and one member of the ground crew were killed.
While the airships served as a passenger high class travel and some postage, they were also used in war to drop bombs.
However, the difficulty of steering and navigation made these type of craft unsuitable for war’s need for precision.
Meanwhile, in 2017
Air Travel is Middle Class Commuters
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