Why do I bother?

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    +Mark Rushing America is one of them, eh
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    I’m not sure if you’re asking me if I believe the USA is a brutal country, or you’re accusing the USA of being a brutal country. I’m guessing it’s both.

    Gay people face brutality almost everywhere, even in countries whose governments recognize gay marriage, like the USA does and like Canada does.

    What is mentioned here is nothing like the silly brutality that gay people face from their peers here, or in Canada, or the schools, or workplaces that might discriminate.

    What’s happening here is brutality and sadism not not seen on such a scale since the last world war. This exceeds anything being done even in the most staunchly Islamic countries of the Middle East, where gay people are still brutalized and executed.

    If you believe the USA does anything even remotely like this, you are very, very wrong.

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    +Mark Rushing I live in Canada and there are people walking across the border, including in freezing snow. America is not a safe nation, your Supreme Court was broken.
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    Oh I see, you’re just using this opportunity to educate people about atrocities being committed against gay people to do some general America bashing. Well done. A great tribute to Canada.
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    +Mark Rushing no, I was trying to have a conversation. just not one that is comfortable for you, so you emotionally monologued a conflict because you can’t cope with facts or views that differ from your own.
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    +Mark Rushing What I posted was a warning, not a bashing. If you are queer in America, you are next. learn to separate the message from the speaker.
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    +Mark Rushing and on a post that is about education and awareness, you demeaned and diminished my post while playing the high road victim? that’s a wow and irony metre explosion.

I mean seriously, he falls just short of using the pejorative “SJW” and then acts more informed than tho as if there is winning against one on who is more pro-underdog than thee



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    The “refugees” are not kids or women, but fighting age young men. Look at the pictures from Europe and Asia where they are taking over violently.

    And so far as that goes, you have no credibility arguing we should give up our resources and potentially endanger our citizen to admit “refugee” “kids” when 1) far more American citizen’s kids need help and should be first, and 2) you are not helping anyone but your self.


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    +John Nash You are an idiot!
    Not only are women, and pre teen children the bulk of the refugees, per capita, there are far more homegrown homicidal Christian Americans terrorists, then refugees who turn into terrorists, (the only difference is, the Christians are called troubled/temporary insane/their religion wasn’t important)
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    religion is mental illness.
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    Christians are drowned by the Muslims while still in transit on the boats. There are some women, however the problem right now throughout Europe is this.

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    +John Nash if you think one demographic drowning is worse than another, you are part of the problem. especially since they are the same religion, bad versions of Judaism.
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    I hate how people Always take sides, not based on the ‘right’ side but based on race, religion ect…Sadly we all do it to some degree…Human failing
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    10,000 humanist points to you. Yours is the best comment that I have seen in all of today.
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    Thank you kindly Nina 🙂
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    you are most welcome.

Torontonians march for science on Earth Day | Toronto Star

because sometimes, you can get through, or at least,

sometimes, meet another person and offer a wave or high five

actually be social on social media

because we all really do have better things to do

The March for Science Is Just the First Step
Canadian scientists take to the streets to march for science
Canadian scientists take to the streets to march for science

Why Scientists Are Marching on Washington and More Than 400 Other Cities

#ClimateChange #Science #Protests

Why Scientists Are Marching on Washington and More Than 400 Other Cities
Why Scientists Are Marching on Washington and More Than 400 Other Cities



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2 Responses to Why do I bother?

  1. swordwhale says:

    Back when, I remember Justin Trudeau saying politely and diplomatically how he could work with any leader we Americans threw at him.

    Good luck Mr. Trudeau. So sorry.

    A number of us are very worried about the Trumpocalypse and how it is affecting parts of our necessarily diverse society.

    Diversity is Nature’s First Law.

    Many of us are doing grass roots activism, trying to create change on a local level.

    There seems to be a worldwide movement toward awful conservatism and mememe-ism (isolationsim, nationalism etc.).

    And let’s just cut taxes on the people who can afford to pay it and cut services to those who need it…

    Somebody please smite them.

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