Toronto Police vs LGBTQ gets a twist

As a person who worked for RCMP, and is a member of the LGBTQ:

to other LGBTQ working at the municipal level

Dear Toronto Cops: STFU and shame on you for playing Good Conforming Queers vs Bad Wild in the Public Marginalized Ones.

this is seriously messed up

“good conforming queers” vs “bad public queers”

City budgets are about business and  employee groups don’t get input.

The police are still paid for security work; and reminder:after pride events, like sports events, there is an increase in street level social crimes – assaults and rapes of LGBQ and HeteroWomen by Publicly Heterosexual Males.

As Police, you just don’t get to march and this systemic bullying of the LGBTQ community is the reason. Break the cycle of stupidity and abuse from the inside.

Dear Mainstream Media, seriously your coverage is not our community’s public debate.

Dear Toronto Police – the city’s money is about the business impact, not you. Also, the bath house raid apology meant nothing when the cops continued to harass the community. this is more police bullying of LGBTQ and not the other way around.
Members of Toronto police’s LGBTQ network say they will feel “completely devalued and unsupported” if the city funds the planned grant of $260,000 to the Pride parade.
Toronto police LGBTQ network deems it ‘unacceptable’ for city to donate money to Pride parade | Toronto Star
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Toronto police LGBTQ officers asking city to nix $260000 Pride …

Globalnews.ca4 hours ago
Toronto’s LGBTQ officers are asking the city to withhold their funding contribution for Toronto’s Pride parade after festival organizers banned …
LGBTQ officers call on city to cut annual grant given to Pride
Highly CitedCP24 Toronto’s Breaking News8 hours ago

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Toronto Police and Learning Consequences

“Wynne’s wide array of “priorities” has left her vulnerable to charges that she lacks focus on the key issues that truly matter for the vast middle class of Ontarians who decide every provincial election. Those interests can be summed in three words: Jobs, jobs, jobs.” Columnist Bob Hepburn writes.
Ontario election all about jobs, jobs, jobs: Hepburn | Toronto Star
Ontario election all about jobs, jobs, jobs: Hepburn | Toronto Star
If if BC and Ontario go NDP provincially, then it counter balances the Federal Liberals, who will have to learn more left to maintain the centre, eh.

Canada Content: This is a Log Cabin Republican Lesbian in Canada

in 2017, What became Corporate Sponsored Pride Parades are returning to their 1970s, and 1980s, and 1990s,
as well as the 2000s, and frankly the 2010s protest grassroots.
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