Jenner is not a hero, but is in community

Dear Jenner, you’ve been the GOP Jock Poster Boy of entitlement.

Now, you add an end of career life change seeking to stay a reality tv star

Community heros are the people who do the heavy lifting

not the running around chasing this and that, eh.

Caitlyn Jenner blames Ellen for her unpopularity in the LGBTQ community
Dear Jenner:

being against rights of the community that you seek to be a member of?

free speech is not limited to first, nor is it consequence free

Caitlyn Jenner says she was ‘alienated’ by Ellen over same-sex marriage
Caitlyn Jenner reveals she has had gender confirmation surgery
So, you can take the penis out of the man, but the ego remains. well. technically into really.
Jenner as never been part of the LGBTQ  community and has been a Republican GOP Jock

Jenner is against marriage equality and then confused why is not considered a hero?

not understanding being late to to the issue and just self serving “reality” tv celeb

being an example of entitlement and privilege being removed from the mainstream

Trans woman strangled to death after drag show in Honduras
Zeke Smith describes the worst part of being outed as transgender on ‘Survivor’
Zeke Smith describes the worst part of being outed as transgender on 'Survivor'
I mean – seriously – Oppressors just want to be able to oppress

as if no one else as free speech, as if free speech is limited to first speech

or is consequence free

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