Double Teaming Godbots



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    without ever realizing how small, petty and genocidal said beliefs are, which is why admiring courage of convictions is enabling.


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    Can science prove everything? I have had many things
    happen in my life that science has an answer for.
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    there has never been something that science explained that religion did a better job of.
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    science doesn’t “prove things” it doesn’t even try.

    Science DISPROVES wrong ideas, that’s it’s whole point. No theory is “proven”… it is simply the best available theory to fit the facts as we know them. If new facts come along, then the theory needs to be modified, and will be.But science CAN prove when something is wrong. That’s why it works.

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    Science discovers and explains much and rejects errors. sadly most people have the metal illness of religion instead of having a relationship with reality.
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    right, but it doesn’t “prove” things. It “discovers errors”… ie: disproves wrong ideas.

    But it never “proves” anything. Everything we think we know today could change tomorrow if we discovered new facts.
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    My wife saw her grandmother in a dream the night before her funeral.
    She was 14. She told her not to be sad.
    She was happy. The next day her grandmother was wearing the same dress she had on in the dream My wife dreams in color. She had never seen the dress before.Her mom said they bought it for the funeral. Prove what’s wrong.
    I could go on with these stories.
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     “in a dream”

    I just proved “what’s wrong”also, personal anecdotes do not count as evidence. They cannot be verified independently.

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    I sure hope your not calling my wife a liar. We are liberal
    Christians. You can tell we are Christians by are love.
    We haven’t been to church for some time because of the hate we see in the Religious Right. We do not believe everything in the old testament. We follow the teachings
    of Jesus Christ. Jesus said we are to love everyone.
    I believe when Jesus died on the cross he wiped away sin
    and saved everyone. Jesus want’s us to go out and tell the world how much He loves them and they are forgiven.
    Did you know it was a Catholic Priest that came up with the Big Bang Theory. Their are many scientist that are priest. They have no problem with Religion and Science.
    For my racist friends. Revelation 7 vs 9.
    I wish I could tell you one of my stories but I am the only
    one that knows for sure.
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    first off, I don’t really care what religion you believe… they are all fairy tales.

    Second, no I did not call anyone a “liar” but just in case you don’t know this yet… dreams are not real, that’s why we call them dreams.Since nobody else can have your wife’s dream, there’s no way to determine if she dreamed something, if she dreamed it accurately, and if that dream is anything but a coincidence.

    That’s why science demands things be able to be tested, repeatedly. You can’t base your idea of reality on something somebody tells you, and certainly not if they tell you it was something they dreamed.

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    I just want to end this by saying , I love you.
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    no you don’t. you don’t even know me.

    Please don’t play your silly “Christian Love” games on me. I am an adult and I’m not buying your bullshit.In fact, the fact that you are trying to “end this” by saying something so disingenuous only makes you out as a passive-aggressive jerk.

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    You can never win an argument. oh.yea!
    Yea. oh yea. yea. oh yea. See what I mean. Oh yea.
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    No I just don’t like passive-aggressive so-called “Christians” who go around claiming to “love” everyone.
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    I didn’t say I like you. You seem bitter and hateful. After looking at these comments, I think it will be easy to tell who the jerk is. Have you sought help
    from a scientific professional.
    They helped me. Maybe they can help you. You need medical help and medicine. Good Luck and a final goodbye. No need to comment.
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     no, I’m not hateful… and I never claimed that you said you liked me… You claimed to “love me” and I think that’s bullshit…

    exactly how do you “love me”? Would you lay down your life to save mine, not even ever having met me? If I asked you for a thousand dollars to pay my bills, would you send it to me?Any asshat can say “I love you” but it’s meaningless bullshit unless they can back it up, and I’ll bet you have no intention of backing it up.

    And I’m not the one that needs help dude, I’m not the one that believes in magical fairies in the sky.

    And I’ll fucking comment as much as I want, if you don’t fucking like it, block me.

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    +Daniel Ahlert which are just stories, anecdotes are not data, and they do not form evidence; you are actually not smart enough to understand how stupid what you are saying is. Personal Opinions are less valid than educated and working professional expert analysis and explanations.
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     “Christian love” is code for “go to hell” – you understand the inherent SMBD abuse without a safeword.. wait atheist – safeword located!.
    yes, like we can know why the result of the 3 slit experiment has a 5 result; and there’s a new quantum force at the micro-particle level. plus, Jupiter’s moon has food that could sustain life.
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    +Daniel Ahlert you confess to being cherry picking moderates? Then nothing you say is trusted or trustable by you, who have challenged the word of your deity. Silly Godbot, everyone knows that Fundies are the only True Believers.
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    ” We do not believe everything in the old testament. We follow the teachings
    of Jesus Christ.”Matthew 5:18
    For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

    SO, you say you don’t believe in all of the Old Testament? Then you are DEFYING Jesus, NOT obeying him.



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    Jesus said, Love God Almighty
    and love your neighbor as yourself.
    Was Jesus telling them to go to hell.
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    he also said you have to obey all the old testament laws… are you doing that?

    Do you eat pork? Wear clothing of two different threads woven together? Plant two crops in the same field side by side?Have you sacrificed a bull to the Lord for your sin offering lately? How about a ram for your love offering?

    Wow… looks like you’re not obeying the Lord very well at all at all.

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    Jesus did not exist, so he didn’t say anything. Rome built Nazareth in the 3rd Century.
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    No one has ever passed the test except Jesus. Jesus took the test for me. it’s only by grace that I am saved . I am forgiven.His love has set me free. I will stumble and make mistakes but Jesus is their to pick me up and dust off my pants and tell me not to give up. I am no better than you anybody else.I have a friend that will be there at the end. Check out my songs and poems on you tube. Daniel Ahlert.
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    +Daniel Ahlert um, Jesus never once said he loved you
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    +Daniel Ahlert you are using technology invented by atheists, some of whom were gay people to do bad word of mouth marketing in the information age. You should be banned from the internet.








Everything you need to know about our world right now in under 4 minutes
Everything you need to know about our world right now in under 4 minutes
4 minutes? can’t there be an infographic?
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