Check Out Lines: Lining Up

It was my turn at the cashier when a woman bypassed the line and expected to go ahead of me, because she’d been in line and had forgotten something.

“Do you mind if I process her.” the clerk said, not ask.

“Yes, I do mind.” I replied.

The clerk stared at me in surprise or shock as she was already processing the women’s items.

Then, she called for a manager for an override.

“This is why I objected.” I said.

“But I was I was already in line” the women whined.

“And now you are holding it up, when you should have gotten all your items before you lined up.”

She continued to whine “I was already in line”

The Manger was younger than the clerk and was not a the till long, and the clerk and manager did not say anything to me.

The manager left and then the clerk started rudely processing my order.

As I paid, the clerk then asked the woman behind me if the woman ahead of me could complete her transaction.

“What is she supposed to say?” I demanded to no reply.


seriously the person making the complaint is not the problem, eh.


this is one more reason why I do not cope in public

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