An Extraordinary Day

I set a new personal best for being out of the house.

Since Friday – so Saturday, Sunday and Today Monday – I went out of the house on 2 outings each day.

Morning Hunt N Gather at a grocery store with Mom

followed by an Afternoon to Royal Columbian with Dad.

So Friday, Saturday Sunday – three days of 2 outings on each day.

Monday, today’s outing, both caps and tops the previous three days.

Today, Mom and I went to Royal Columbian, because they kept Dad rather than out-patient him.

After this morning’s visit, we returned home for lunch.

In the afternoon, we went out to my Aunts to help her with a medical appointment that was occurring within the compound of her care facility, but they wanted $32 dollars to walk her from one building to the other and back again.

So, with her doctor running late and her appointment done, Mom and I headed back to Royal Columbian.

Traffic back to New West was light.

At the hospital, my sister called to say she wouldn’t be able to visit – the niece was mugged at the skytrain station and the Bonnie n Clyde team who attempted the robbery were being arrested.

Other people watched my niece get attacked and knocked to the ground and a Skytrain Cop showed up and held the pair, called the cops and then lectured the crowd.

We learned that when we got home.

My aversion to the Patullo Bridge’s structure state – an official report that it will fall down in a strong enough wind means I take the illegally tolled Port Man Crossing.

I was only just on the span when an unmarked police car on the Highway side of the divided bridge raced 2 highway rcmp cars on the Surrey exit side of the bridge – and I slowed to let them pass.

I’d never seen three like that – and there was 2 already ahead stopped on the bridge on the Surrey side of the span peak.

I saw some vehicle crash debris on the right side of the bride and a tire on the centre against the divider.

The two cars that were on my side stopped one in each lane – blocking traffic and I was 3 vehicles back.

On the Highway side, 2 more RCMP vehicles, one a supervisor pulled up.

I actually just turned off my engine.

Then, I saw one RCMP with a rifle.

This was not a vehicle accident.

it was very tense and time stopped for a while

a woman who was in the lane beside me waved and I opened my door – she said another cop was coming – and it was three – about 12 all told – and she needed to move in front of me – I told her “no worries”, sometimes Canadians can be so … Canadian, eh.

I had never seen that many police cars outside of a detachment/HQ parking lot, and I had worked at RCMP -administratively for 3.5 (for non-regular blog readers, I am one of the women in the class action suit)

I got out of my vehicle – like many others – hey, a rare chance to actually stand on a freeway bridge

I saw the Rifle RCMP officer again, then I saw another with a backpack.

then, one of the RCMP cars on my side moved – they had allowed 1 lane of traffic to continue on the highway side – which was odd if there was a chance of actual gunfire

but the backpack – people talked about if they should video it for uploading

and no one did .. the idea of being on a bridge and there was 12 cop cars and no car accident and no person jumping meant… really bad maybe terrorism and shouldn’t we be being made to turn around somehow…

we just stood in the flashing red, blue and orange lights.


the RCMP with the backpack waved his hand and they bundled it into a car over the divider.

one rcmp move a car so now one lane was clear – I got back into my car – everyone else left engines running

we somberly drove forward, making a single line

I have never rubbernecked before at scenes, but I never left first gear driving through

there was a single civilian vehicle pulled over on each side – one did have damage

I didn’t start shaking until after I was parked at home and inside.

O Canada, eh.


Police incident temporarily shuts down Port Mann Bridge, since re …

Posted Mar 20, 2017 11:26 pm PDT. Last Updated Mar 21, 2017 at 6:31 … Few details after several police agencies are involved in incident on Port Mann Bridge.

7 mins ago – Police say a black Jeep Cherokee hit three cars before the driver and his passenger … Police incident temporarily shuts down Port Mann Bridge, since re-opened … new zoning changes a ‘mistake’ Mar 20, 2017, 10:21 PM.


Driver tried to run over woman before fleeing police: RCMP | CTV …

1 hour ago – Driver tried to run over woman before fleeing police: RCMP … custody on the Port Mann Bridge on Monday, March 20, 2017 without incident.


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