Population and Control

People Feel Moral Outrage Toward Those Who Decide Not to Have Kids

Data representing individuals from across the United States indicates that U.S. adults are increasingly delaying the decision to have children or forgoing parenthood entirely. Yet evidence suggests that voluntarily child-free people are stigmatized for this decision.

The research is in Sex Roles. (full access paywall)

Look around. You really want to raise children I’m this world?
Having children young is the way to go, at least you can still run , ski, snowboard, skateboard, inline skate jump from trees.. and perhaps understand them more.. waiting till your eggs and sperm are dying and old is just stupid and immoral. I agree with the stigma.
My children and I practically grew up together and we had an enormous time. We still do.
sure do, it is an amazing time to have children. They are born into an amazing era, with its’ own problems of course.. amazing none the less. Teaching them is of utmost importance though, do not deliver your children over to the state and its indoctrinators.
Amen. Mine are grown and have their own lives, loves, and families.

it relates to racism and fear of being “outbred” by scary demographics

Pfft, I wont have my own kids.. I may adopt..

Either way,I don’t give a fuck what people think.
I think its selfish and stupid the excuses they make up
“Who will look after you when you are older?”
“Our race is dying”

please expand and be specific. I love my own kind , no doubt. I also grant and wish well to all others. My family first, my friends second, my culture third, my nation fourth, humanity fifth. Humanity is a collection of entities inhabiting niches in specific environments ,conforming to those environments according to their inherited characteristics specific to the generations before them. I have my preferences. I enjoy the companies i keep. I honour the culture i inherit, the ideals and moral built on the shoulders of the giants from previous generations. Do you want to call me a racist?
Whether observations of population averages and group behaviour apply to a particular person is something that interactions determine.
There is only 1 kind of human, and less than 1% genetic difference, so if you think in “kinds of people”, then I would have to guess, yes you are a racist, and typically that would also mean not queer friendly either and all those connect to heteros who don’t offspring as if they are not doing their part.
you are not entitled to control other people’s reproduction and that outrage is where your rights end because other people’s start.

“you are not entitled to control other people’s reproduction and that outrage is where your rights end because other people’s start.”Do as you will. Any outrage of mine or my perception of degenerate behaviour (culture in decline? rome falling?) is my own philosophy. You are entitled to your own. I will battle you only in words and reason, no more. (unless in physical self defense) Do as you please.

no thanks, I don’t do circle jerks.
In my opinion it takes a very wise person to know they don’t want to have kids, biologically or adopt. Everyone is not meant to be parents and there is nothing wrong with that decision. Same as getting married. Society is too intrusive…


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