L Ron Hubbard: Writer of Religion


I remember seeing his sea monkey slaughter to test if plants could feel tv special. seriously a voltmeter

this particular instrument operated on the ‘ignorance principle.’ it was very hush-hush.
People need to give him credit for the stuff he was good at. His last scifi story netted him billions. Let’s see other scifi writers do that. šŸ˜‰
billions with a B?

The central story to the Scientology “religion” about Xenu. It made a lot of money for the guy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenu
You are bluffing.
L. ron hubbard was Pisces. Pisces can not stand reality. They are into escapism and like to go to the movies. 2012 the age of Pisces has ended.
We are in the age of Aquarius now.

his writing is hack, he made more money inventing the religion

Indeed, that was why he invented Scientology. He said as much, although it didn’t go into full abusive cult mode until after they killed him off.
true he is a hack. The religion is really intertwined with his Xenu story though. The galvanometer as a tool to find hidden truths was another pseudo-scientific favorite trick of his. But then law enforcement has been using the same nonsense since then too…
no …he invented Scientology…..because he flunked his Physics classes.

You MUST be bluffing.

his secret was a stash of quality Mescaline.
Vulcans never bluff.

their personalty test is hysterically funny, when I did it, it was 200 multiple choice questions that there all variations of how well do you respond to corporal punishment and how much of a follower one is. That I completed it in less than 15 minutes when the pal I came in with took 45 should have been a clue to them.
I, for one, do not respond well to corporal punishment.

me either, and getting interviewed by the 7 year guy was funny, since I was able to get the eye lock on him and freak him out, and then he handed me over to a women 1ith 15 years in and she was scary, so I flirted with her and she freaked out and promised to fix my homosexuality. which put the whole John Travolta and Tome Cruise into perspective.
I lived in Boston/Cambridge for many years during college and afterwards. The scientologists were out in force there. I knew quite a few people that were bored and took the personality test for fun. All but one had results indicating that they should have special scientology-provided therapy for spiritual anomaly. The one person that passed the test with flying colors was a very shy woman that mostly kept to herself. Go figure. I’d think she would be very susceptible to their methods. I guess they decided it would be too much work to get her out of her shell and buying expensive lessons/training.

introverts don’t need the external validation that makes average people susceptible to Membership and approval, so I am not surprised by your gal pal
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The chilling story of how Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard rose to power
The chilling story of how Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard rose to power

Why are they dead, Scientology?

Jul 11, 2006 – Flag is the abbreviation of Flag Land Base, Scientology’s presence in Clearwater. The first building they bought was the 272-room Fort HarrisonĀ …
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They Should Not Have Died | Victims of Scientology

At the ranch they had recommended suicide as the best solution to his problems. … A for Anonymous Scientologist who jumped to his death from the HanoverĀ …
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10 Strange Deaths Connected To The Church Of Scientology – Listverse


Nov 3, 2015 – They were given suspended sentences that ranged from 8 to 15 months. … Hubbard believed that the death was a murder to get at him. OthersĀ …

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