Book/Movie Review: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is a story of school boys as wartime castaways trying to remain civilized.

777102792_93f3c8986f_b lord-of-the-flies-map

The novel was widely published and a classic, there had even been a 1960s movie – a British one, like the novel, wherein it is the Social Class based on one’s accent that mattered.

In the 1980s, an art film against the Brat Pack movie bunch, there was an American version, wherein USA Military Students are substituted for the English, and the bullying is more based on Piggy’s weight – and this adaption creates a different narrative.

Civilian School Children vs Military Trained Children

War Lost School Children vs Children Schooled in War in nature

Civilization through the Empire vs America’s Lowest Common Denominator Culture


Not that Canada is above it, in the 1980s a group of parents in Toronto

tried to have “Lord of the Flies” banned because they thought it was about men’s pants.



It was interesting, the book that had Ralph seeing the colors of the sea and sky inverted, not really translating to the silver screen in the black and white, shades of grey cinema era.

The book was studied in grade 10 and in grade 12, I was at another school, where I found the English class rather dull and all simple busy work of noticing details in short stories, rather than symbolism in novels.

Ralph brushing his hair from his eye to see and remember why being civilized and rescued mattered.

Words with meaning in a story, but a gesture of business onscreen

reading is enlightenment, entertainment illuminated

art reflects life, life mimics art

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