February Dispensary Run: Vancouver

The snow certainly has piled up in the GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District”.

Leaving after the morning commute tho, the roads were as empty of snow as vehicles.

I accidentally took the Patullo from old force of habit; up McBride, down 10th to the took the Gaglardi/Simon Fraser University route that I drove back when I was a university student. Onto the freeway.

I didn’t even bother to HOV lane and stayed to the slow/merge lane. The HOV Grandview exit ramp looked rather icy while the regular Grandview exit was damp.

45 through the downtown core got me most of the green lights and sweet parking on Davie Street.

My Mom went to the Fatburger and ordered us lunch, while I went to the Dispensary beside St. Paul’s Hospital. It boggles that there is so much science for marijuana and none at all for naturopathic, a clinic that also resides in the Hospital’s shadow.

Joined Mom for the lunch and then, through the core, over the viaduct and 1st Avenued to the Freeway, which I had meant to do 12th/Grandview to HOV it back to Surrey.

On Homer street, snow from a tree dropped on the windshield.

1:30 and before the first commuters head to the burbs. so I stayed in the slow lane most of the way back, easily positioned for the 152nd exit.

on 108th, sitting at a light a arm’s length of snow fell from the overhead wires into the cross walk.

Back home, the City Snow Plow had done our street again, leaving a slush pile across the driveway.

Knowing we’re expecting more, I shoveled it off to the side while still slush

rather than leave it to become compressed ice overnight.


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