Science vs Public Science Literacy vs Scientificism

Toronto Star

Shared publicly  –  Jan 25, 2017

In what transgender rights activists are calling a “landmark” development, the Canadian government has settled a human rights case that could pave the way for gender markers to be scrubbed from passports, birth certificates and other identity documents.
Federal government reviewing use of sex information in identity documents after landmark human rights case.

Passports maybe, but different diseases affect the different genders differently. Health cards or at least health records need to reflect at the very least what the person’s birth gender was for the health of the individuals concerned.
it helps to identify bodies, when and if necessary, so yes, there just needs to be more than the 2 options.
it doesnt matter what or how you feel. Its a certain genomatic part of your DNA. you can call yourself a women but when someone like the police are searching for you it tends to help if you know what gender they are. and THUS the main issue of today. Where do we draw the line between true science where everything is quantifiable or this rubber band of “gender equality”

“science” doesn’t have an issue with gender and continues to study it when and when able in various nations depending on the religiousness of the population.
Science would have been reporting homosexuality in other animal species as far back as the 1960s, so nature doesn’t have an issue with lgbtqs either, we continue to exist as a population advantage.


Foreign researchers and analysts weigh in on the importance of free information — and the historical dangers of politicizing data.
harper before in Canada, Trump now in the usa

Did not know Harper had been named the world’s ‘Worst Climate Villain’. DJT will soon claim that spot !

the leaderboards do vary from time to time, eh?
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