Therapy Day Outing

Across town to therapy

then I decided I wanted to go home

instead of out for lunch

but I got hungry with a craving

so, a quick stop at McDonalds

Parking was sweet, first spot by the door

Mom and her cane, thus a handicap decal


There was a white man, around 80 standing outside

he was clean and had a pilot bomber jacket on

a coffee beverage cup

He was word salading, and I wasn’t sure if it was genuine mental health or street performance of it.

I made blank eye contact and looked through him.

A woman heading to the door sped up to cut my Mom off

so I hung back and just let her

she looked at us and then held the door for my Mom


at the counter, my Mom asked the clerk if the coupon for a 2 for 1 burger had to be the same burgers or just any 2 on the list

there was a flicker across her tired face and she said, “sure, okay”

Then another old white man asked me if another coupon was mine

So I said thanks and gave that one to my Mom who probably had dropped it.

He stood there, I was not really sure what he was waiting for, I’d said thank you

there was an odd expectation, but I looked through him too

he commented about the bad service, as if it was some kind of joke to unite us against the servers

I disagreed and said the Burger King by the London Drugs was terrible

he took that as encouraging and said there was a good one in Langley

It occurred to me that he was actually attempting to flirt or was just a lonely old guy seeking attention, either way, jerk behaviour is what it is and he had no business talking to me

Our burgers.. sandwiches they call them to shift the legislation that applies to food services, were up and I got to leave the counter area.

Home and to the back yard, where I feel like I can breath.

then to the internet, to turn breath exhalations into words

not from my lips, but fingertips

agoraphobic philosopher

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