CEOs of Nations: Separation of Govt and Corporations

Trump using Taiwan as bargaining chip sparks furious outcry in China: Beigjing treats Taiwan as ‘non-negotiable’
The Globe and Mail
Beigjing treats Taiwan as ‘non-negotiable’
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China needs to give them special status as did Canada did to Quebec…
More news reports to get people to turn against Trump.
No matter ,he’s the President. Maybe what this country needs is a man who speaks out more. I gave Obama a chance, I’ll give Trump a chance. After all Obama was unknown before he became president
Trump is brilliant here and its a classic from art of the deal. Open from a hard position and then soften at the negotiating table. China has been acting very belligerent as of late and this is mainly due to Obama’s weakness. Dictatorships are encouraged to push the envelope when not checked. Trump knows this well. Even China knows this and mostly they are posturing to placate their domestic audience.
Also China really did not respect the goofball Barry Obama. Remember they yelled at him to get off the back of the plane instead of the front. The goofball does it! That won’t even be thought of with Trump.

Trump’s a breath of fresh air on the international stage.

dangerously unqualified, lacking diplomacy

 Running a business is no different then running a country if you good staff

actually, it is very different

How so ? You have the president..the division’s.. Their sector’s… and us…more experience then a disbarred lawyer..such as Obama…

the format might seem the same, but companies work for shareholders and government does not. private sector if profit focused whereas government is all the stuff that is needed and not profitable with a mandate to the public
The people are the shareholder’s
no, they are not. they are citizens with varying levels of representation, the government’s job is stewardship, corporations are for profit.
I worked in 7 Federal Government Departments over 13 years and very little of what was being done had any private sector counterparts. Governance and Regulation is different than stock value or commodities.
In conclusion… Still better then Obama.. : /

so you are in favor of no environmental or labour laws, no science in government policy and ending rights?
ending rights?

Carbon tax is b.s. and labor laws and real science is encouraged…where you getting this ?

you’ve completely dismissed my experience and continue with talking points and monologging. Did you realize?

Not my intention

okay. thank you. I agree that carbon offset credits and taxes are BS. Trump has already begun witch hunts in the US Federal public and installing a theocracy – he’s been bankrupt x 4s, and I really do not understand why spectacular failures are CEO cred the way criminal rap sheets are for the street level sociopaths and psychopaths.

For all I know he could be a elaborate psych opt by the NWO…we both need to watch what he does..


Trump’s game plan is confusing, he’s bashing on his base as much as the demographics they don’t like so far. going by his appointments, years of history classes come into sharp focus.
Aiming to keep Wyoming electric utilities dependent on coal, the legislature proposes a bill preventing them from using the state’s abundant wind power to in-state customers.


They don’t have much of a population. Maybe if they start moving away…..

this is what happens when people think prayer is real and that weather is because of genitalia mash ups
This is so odd and irrational that it is hard to find any reason for the bill than actually anti clean energy motivation! That would really be unprecedented
Ugh! One step forward, five steps back. The greed of these people. States will do anything for money. All the coal and oil companies have to do is wave money and people turn into dogs chasing a bone……smdh…

is this one of those states where it’s illegal for people to have rain barrels?
It’s a “red” state. Conservative ranchers, cowboys, northern rednecks if you will. Mining and oil has a lot of influence.

it astonishes me that people vote against their own interest.
Although I have not followed their particular situation closely. An educated guess would be that landowner’s might profit from oil exploration. Wyoming is the most sparsely populated state. (even less people than Alaska) having a lot of rural people, social issues may be less important. Plus it’s a western state, folk’s walk around small town’s and cities carrying rifles like the old west. The people value individualism and follow a “different drummer”. ( of course I’m generalizing) I have lived in Texas and New Mexico and now live in Florida. I’m familiar with the “good old boy’s”.

yes, all goosestepping to the same drummer
About to lash a kid for dating. | More: | #atheist #atheism
just her?

So we want to welcome that here ? Goddamnit !

No +, we’re welcoming the ones who want to leave that type of persecution.
I get that . But you see what’s happening in Europe .

western christians have been waiting to get away with what their eastern islamic counterparts have continued to so since the old testament. sharia law is little different than the current republican administration in the US of A
Nope. Repulsive though Trump and his sycophants may be, they are not going to introduce public floggings for young women who are seen talking to young men.
“This is gross. It’s so racist.”
Ben Affleck…probably…..

what they introduce and what mobs take unto themselves and as permission.
open season on LGBTQ is not acceptable either. Black Lives Matter and we all need to Idle No More
and when is the USA gonna pass that ERA for women?
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