Agoraphobia Personal Best

Well, it’s a personal best.

4 days in a row of outings with multiple stops, all under my 5 hour upper limit.

Today, Mom and I went to Surrey Place Mall/Centre City whatever double name.

First it was for an exercise walk and it’s strange how adulthood is endless gym with arts n crafts.

We had brunch at the Ricky’s there and while the food was good, it was overpriced and the service was slow.

Mom went into the Produce Place and I paced in the corridor several times.

Once being surprised when I turned around and there was 2 police officers. they looked like Municipal cops and not RCMP. so it was curious.

I managed to not react to them, maintaining a bland facial expression and my breathing.

I continued pacing.

We left the mall and headed to the Save on Foods at Kingsway and 102.

The grocery store was a quick shop and then there was an upsetting situation.

I became aware that someone was screaming “you know you know me” “I’m right here” and other attention seeking.

I had no idea who it was, I don’t currently know anyone I am not related to, and certainly, can’t think of anyone I have known who would rant in a parking lot.

So, this is when the fucking parking lot suddenly got busy and the disadvantage of parking in the first row…


everyone driving in, slowed down to watch the street theatre

trapping me in the parking space with a screaming stranger at my front end


three fucking stupid idiot cars who can’t mind their own business and go about it


I had to wait for before I could start to back out and then the fucking asshole pedestrians wanders through the mirrors and into blind spots


bright sun over head

snow everywhere


don’t expect that drivers can see you


Anyway, back home and blogging to cope.


Three days of positive outings and a fourth with 2 anxiety situations.

Still, it’s a personal best. it used to take me 2 days in between going out of the house


but mostly because, today I was able, after three encouraging days of outings

I was able to walk with my head up and with good posture.

I was surprised by the number and range of people who smiled at me when they though they had made eye contact

and I did smile back at people today




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