Bathrooms and Elevators

Vulnerable and alone, often in off hours

Bathrooms and Elevators are 2 of the most dangerous places

also Parking Lots.

It is frustrating for The Mainstream to villainize Transgendered people in bathrooms, because in reality – it is the transgender person in greater danger of being verbal if not physically assaulted.

And, given that in said mainstream society, it is women and children who are most at risk by heterosexual men – more often a relative than a stranger; it is disproportionate hysteria over the rarer circumstance getting the most public consideration.

Fear mongering is the distraction from the bigger problem to focus on the smallest portion while ignoring the blatant obvious majority.

Women’s #1 issue: Safety

Public and Private Toilets

My Elevator Story Extended

Elevator Saga 3.0: Nina vs Senior Partner Lawyer

Elevator Story 4: The Maintenance Man

The Elevator – Saga 6: Professionals on Scene


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The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker – Threat Assessment Information › Home › Resources

Learn about predicting dangerous behavior & other safety tips by reading The Gift of Fear, the #1 bestselling book by Gavin de Becker.


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