Bigot Bully vs Victim

Obama was the most disrespected President and all those Tea Baggers owe The Dixie Chicks a huge apology.

Yeah right, it’s the racist white system’s fault that we don’t elect a black candidate every election. It’s all just a well organized conspiracy to exclude certain races from excelling. That’s so damn convenient. If you’re a person of color you never have to take personal responsibility when you have an evil white system to blame.

sadly there is truth to that, no system is designed to self govern or correct and society lags far behind – it’s why we are seeing all the bernie would have won sexism, connected to the systemic racism and sexuality phobia -it’s why we’re seeing the upcoming purge of the federal employees
If your a woman and your not chosen, it’s sexism. If you’re black and you’re not selected, it’s racism. If god forbid, a white man wins any competition, it’s proof of patriarchy, and white privilege. What it all adds up to is a desire to create systemic discrimination against white males, in favor of anybody who can claim victim cred for some past social injustice. The truth is, although there are still a small number of true racists, and sexists, they are few and far between, and we have done everything possible to eliminate racism, and sexism, from our laws, and our institutions. In fact, we have created policies and laws that stack the chips in favor of women, and minorities, with policies and laws like affirmative action, employment equity, equal opportunity employer mandates, and adjusted bell curve testing for black students.The kind of systemic racism, and sexism, that you guys claim, does not exist. It’s a boogeyman that you use to guilt people into letting you into the front of the line by virtue of your victim cred, instead of your merit. I will believe in systemic racism, and sexism, when one of you can show me even one law that promotes discrimination against women, and minorities, in favor of white males in modern society. I can cite lots of laws that protect the rights of women, and minorities, but there are none that specifically protect the rights of white males. The truth is that white males are responsible for building most of the wealth of this country, and they were the ones that wrote, and passed, the laws that protect women, and minorities. Frankly, we’re tired of being the villain in your victim narrative.

You are completely full of shit. An absolute bigot if ive ever seen one. How dare you as a white male i assume deny others experience. Run afraid of owning up to something you know you have and its completey unearned. You wouldnt be so angry if it didnt even exist. Your attitude and words prove you just want to deny you rely on it.
White males built this country? Try slaves built this country and it was off their labor the rich acquired their wealth from.
You are the one that is full of shit. You have no supporting evidence to back up any of your assinine claims. You SJW’s are the ones that are after something unearned. You think something is owed to you, because of the absurd concept of inherited, group, guilt. Nothing is holding any minority, or woman, back today, except your attitudes. You SJW’s are a bunch of self-entitled, tantrum throwing, brats that are convinced that all the participation trophies on your mantle prove how special you are. You don’t have a single defensible argument between you. All you can do is fling labels of bigot, racist, or sexist at anyone who disagrees with your victim narrative, and doesn’t give YOU special consideration, regardless of merit. In fact, you’ve thrown around those labels so freely, that you’ve deluted out all of their meaning. There has not been any slavery for 150 years. No one is affected by slavery today! Pick a cause with some relevance to today’s society. Slaves helped to grow some cotton, and made a few southern, plantation owners wealthy, they were not responsible for the creation, and construction of the wealth, or freedoms, of America. It was unjust how they were treated, but remember we didn’t invent slavery. We bought slaves that had already been captured, and enslaved from backward countries who practiced slavery for thousands of years, many of whom still practice slavery today. If you are an American black, you should feel fortunate that your ancestors were sold to a budding nation that recognized the immorality of slavery and fought to eliminate it, from their shores. And if you are a woman, you should really look around the rest of the world to see how much gender equality there is in other countries. Without a country as dedicated to fairness, equality, and freedom, as America is, you pampered, crybabies wouldn’t have the freedom to continuously bite the hand that feeds you. Our laws guarantee women, and minorities, equal opportunity, but no one except yourselves can guarantee you equal outcomes. So suck it up, put on your big boy pants, and learn how to compete on merit, alone. Like the rest of us.

white man denial is very sad. systemic and social oppression is real, it’s why Trump is already witch hunting the Federal Public service for people who are climate or rights aware and competent.
look at how rarely other than Pale Male gets to even be a candidate. In fact your complete dismissal of concerns is actually compelling evidence.
pretty sure you left out homophobia in your denier rant and bully justification
Women do not have equal rights in America.
Image result for us map of the era
White privilege” is a bullshit concept that SJW’s concocted to dismiss any opposing opinions that conflict with their victim narrative. I’d gladly trade all my so-called “white privilege” for the special rights, privileges, and protections, that we afford to any other identifiable group in America today. I’ll take half of native American privileges for all of mine. I’ll take half of the privileges of women, and blacks, for all of mine. The truth is that you have organizations, and employers, running scared that they are not filling enough quotas of whiny, professional victims, and may have their names sullied with accusations of bigotry, and sexism, if they don’t. All this has the effect of closing doors to those who do not fill the victim narrative, in other words, systemic discrimination against white, male, applicants. So much for “white privilege”! Trump didn’t get elected because he was white, any more than Obama got elected because he was black. They both got elected because the majority of Americans thought that their ideas, and policy platforms, however bad, made more sense than their opponents did. That’s it!

Your use of “SJW” is dismissive and exactly what oppressors do to gaslight victims. You have no awareness of other demographics and what it’s like to deal with yours.
Whether you are willing to admit it or not, the SJW movement is predicated on rampant racism, and sexism, and deserves to be dismissed. White people are all evil enablers of an oppressive racist system. All males are part of an evil oppressive patriarchy, and rape culture. Not only is this nonsense completely untrue, and devoid of any supporting evidence, but it boils down to nothing more than hate speech against white males. That’s right, if your looking for hateful, racist, sexist, bigots, try looking in the mirror!
white men and their need to control all others, including defining them, eh?
your lack of insight is astonishing.
funny how you get that religion is bad, but can’t see who is running them….
who is running them….

Im really cant see that there is even one thing we agree on. Any common ground to make debating you worth any effort. Sadly hopeless. There is no need FOR you to follow my posts or comment. I just do not play with racists. I never have. Especially hopeless angry blind ones. Go on now, move along.

Nina you nailed it. Hes a hot mess of denial.

 I am an agoraphobic with PTSD because of people like him.
A Once Great Nation on Twitter: "We know you bought Trump for the white supremacy and Islamophobia, but it comes with some severe side effects. "
about the power of…
Fake story spurs Pakistani official to threaten Israel with nuclear response
Fake story spurs Pakistani official to threaten Israel with nuclear response
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