Probability vs Possibility

North Carolina Senate rejects repeal of transgender bathroom law: The legislation to repeal the law, known as HB2, was defeated by a vote of 32-16
It should of been repealed…
Good news to protect women.

women are in danger from hetero men, not transwomen

you need to not be bothered by that others exist. you are the oppressor and not helping anyone with fearmongering.

I will protect my granddaughter from male perverts who decide they’ll “self-identify” as female in order to go into a washroom or changroom she’s using.
I will protect my granddaughter from that. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

hetero males pose more danger to her than any other demographic and in more places than bathrooms.

in fact:

balance of probably has your granddaughter being molested by a male family member or family friend, then you have the high school date rape and the college gang rape keggers – all at higher probability and likelihood of ever being in a bathroom, eh.
So it’s OK for me to ignore the danger a pervert male might pose to my granddaughter? Wow.

a transwoman is not a male. and having perspective is a good thing so you don’t over-reacting to the rare while ignoring the most likely.

 on behalf of women, go deal with the males who are the majority of the problem. then everyone can have a safe place to pee.

Toronto Star

Nigeria’s president says the Boko Haram extremist group has finally been crushed and driven from its last forest stronghold.
Nigeria’s president says troops drove the insurgents out of their “Camp Zero” deep in the northeastern Sambisa Forest.


Ya, ’cause I’m gonna believe the Nigerian president on this one. Hahahahahahahahahaha!
then show us the girls
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