GOP Republicans: Oy Vey eh

America was founded on the idea of the individual having rights, but it has taken decades of work and centuries for demographics to have rights, which continue to be limited geographically, as if there are not enough to go around.


Demonstrating why religion and government must be separated as well as government and corporations.




Impeachment in the United States – Wikipedia

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Over time, the parties switch places on the spectrum and in America, they’ve all pulled towards the right and corporate power backed by the Religious Righteous


so the Republican Party, the War Hawks have elected a

  1. draft dodger
  2. tax avoider
  3. three times married, twice to non-Americans
  4. bankrupt businesses
  5. tv reality genre star

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Trump’s team is asking for the names of Energy Department … – Vox…/trump-energy-department-climate-memo

Dec 9, 2016 – Donald Trump’s presidential transition team has asked the Department of Energy for thenames of any federal employees who worked on …

Trump Team Requests List Of Government Employees Who Worked ……/donald-trump-department-energy-names-climate-change…

Dec 9, 2016 – President-elect Donald Trump‘s transition team has asked the Department of Energy to compile a list of all the employees and contractors who …

Trump’s team sent a 74-question memo asking for a list of Energy ……/trumps-team-sent-74question-memo-askinglist-energy-department-st

7 days ago – President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team sent a 74-question … other information, alist of all department employees and contractors who …

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4 Responses to GOP Republicans: Oy Vey eh

  1. The more you read, the more frightening it becomes!

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