Weight Loss Tips: From Peasants to Yuppies

most of the world is starving because of inefficient distribution and artificial trade barriers.

people want to take a pill and not have to exert effort

while, poverty is a difficult thing to market pushing that ‘nobility’ angle has worked to keep most in servitude

Weight Loss Secrets From Around the World | Reader’s Digest
Weight Loss Secrets From Around the World | Reader's Digest


Will Insects be the next big thing in food?
Will Insects be the next big thing in food?
The Ethics of Food and Violence
The Ethics of Food and Violence

8 Cruelest Foods You Eat | Prevention

Sep 24, 2012 – In just this year alone, shocking cases of documented animal abuse have persuaded many of the biggest meat purchasers—McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway—to make their chains more humane. … Join us as we check in with the 8 Cruelest Foods You Eat—plus, what’s being done about …

Cruelty Free Eating

I called it eating ‘cruelty free’. At the time I wasn’t sure what that would be but I made it my goal to find out. Initially I assumed this meant simply avoiding foods …

7 Foods That Involve Animal Cruelty to Stay Away from … → …

Many people are starting to veer away from foods that involve animal cruelty. I am a complete animal lover, and that’s why I could never imagine eating any food …

Experiments for food | Cruelty Free International


Cruelty Free International has exposed sickening animal tests carried out by some of the world’s leading food giants, presumably so that the companies could …

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