In a harrowing nearly 6 hour round trip from Surrey to Vancouver, for a St. Paul’s Hospital thing for the parentals and a dispensary monthly stock-up for me.

We left at 9 am and it was almost 10 am before we got to the Patullo Bridge, which I seriously never want to drive over in the best of conditions. It was another hour through New Westminster through Burnaby to Vancouver over Canada Way.

No way the freeway was an option, especially with the ice and slush smashing windshields.

Too many people on bald summer tires, even after snow warnings for a week.

Too many people over driving the conditions.


I have grown up in the lower mainland of British Columbia

and the seasons have shifted a full month in my just under 50 years on this planet

Today, BC feels like part of Canada, being snowy. usually we have rain and we’ve had two months of it.


the local saying is that in British Columbia, we don’t tan, we rust.


anyway, the Patullo Bridge really really really needs to ban the big trucks

Christy Clarke vs the GVRD Bridges

Annoying Allies vs Bridge Building

BC Lower Mainland Bridges: For Whom the Bridge Tolled


HRC: Translink

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