Water Air and Smell

I went out with my Dad this morning, to the Storage unit to get out the winter tires.

On the way back to the house, I was thinking about the post I meant to do yesterday, about water and showering.

The childhood Mom Mantra of eat your dinner, there’s starving children in 1. Africa 2. India 3. China 4. somewhere other.

Offers to send them said dinner do not result in not having to eat it, eh.

Much of the world is in drought and a number in the thousands die every day from preventable water and food scarcity.

I have become unsure of how not printing out emails that are needed for archival files in the workplace helps too.

Anyway, yesterday in the shower, I thought about water and social norms.

but I didn’t blog about it..well now counts… thought and deed… impact beyond my control

Why Anderson Cooper didn’t shower for five days – Daily News San …

Anyway, on the way back from the storage unit – someone had run over a skunk – wet to smell in air is part and particle, eh.


Image result for sense of smell

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