Post Secondary Education

I did not attend kindergarden and I attended one elementary school from 1st to 7th grade.

I attended three different high schools, shifting from a semester to a full year school and back to a semester system.

1 college for 2 years, 1 university for 1 year and 1 year at a technical training school.

So seeing how some schools did teaching in silos vs inter-disciplinary was informative.

Theory, applied and practical. Literal and Literary both at the same time.

I used to joke that the biggest difference between the three levels of school, elementary, secondary and Post-secondary was in the bathrooms.

In elementary, it’s puns and swears on the walls.

Teachers are Mr or Mrs or Ms Last name

In high school, people responded on the stalls.

teachers have first names, but called Title Last

In post secondary, stalls were the pre-digital era social media walls

you use the same bathrooms as the profs

post secondary is a unique period in one’s life, because it’s the only time you get to be with more appropriate peers than the random mix of public school.

once you are in the working professions or work force, it’s high school all over again.

Formal education was once for the wealthy and last century, it became more for the masses.


apparently, no matter how many times we do it, and say it, some people are missing the memo.

it’s not okay to be bothered by other people, it’s 2016 and we’re all supposed to get to exist.

it is not a joke or a jest to threaten someone with death – not as a young person and not as an adult.


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