Names: Greenland vs Iceland

Here were I have problem with the Warming people.  When the Viking landed in Greenland there were trees growing.  Can not grow tree now.  I not saying man is not helping warmer.  I am saying it has been warmer in written historical times.
The climate was different when the Vikings landed in Greenland and they failed to adapt while the Inuit survive to this day. plus, Erik the Red who founded it, was a murdering conman who wanted to be King.
climate changes, some places warm, others colder and the water levels are shifting. ocean and air currents matter. the important thing is that the Greenland Vikings failed and so Denmark has no claim beyond Iceland, which has been sovereign since the 1940s. the Arctic is on Canada’s continental shelf.

in the modern era, Iceland is the world leader in geothermal, population of 350,000 with careful records of birth and an app to not date too close a cousin. they have 1 highway and the government caused a problem when they wanted to move a rock because it would upset the Elves. their last election saw the first success for the Pirate Party..

you need to run the list of major volcanoes that caused cooling for decades. then these patterns make sense and can compare the post industrial revolution impact. after all, Easter Island depleted their resources and collapsed their environment. we’re able to impact more globally now than people then.

Erik the Red named Greenland as he saw it when he landed there, not knowing it would be almost completely covered in ice once winter came. Alternately, Iceland would become far greener than Greenland in the summer months.
The Vikings in general were known to be conquerers. No, they were not nice people. Few were in those days.
Viking stories often refer to a Viking Harald the Child Lover.
After pillaging a village, the children would be used for entertainment.
Tossing them in the air and spearing them. Viking fun.
Harald thought this was excessive and preferred to bury them alive in pits. thus the name, child lover – showing kindness. so
Just brutal, nothing perverse like the Vatican Sex crimes, eh.


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Vikings vs Volcano: 1973

The problem that the Greenland Vikings had was being Christian and trying to live European Style, which was co-opted from Rome.

They did not eat the local wild game very much and did not eat fish. They did not interact or trade with indegious peoples because they were pagans.

Europe was nearby, with finished goods and metals, easy pickings for Pagan Vikings.

Who became the Saxons in England and the Normans in France.

I expect the Pagan Vikings continued into the 1250s, into the Mediterranean and ended those classical era civs – under the legend in the below known map


Vikings vs Visigoths

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