Whale Watch: RIP Aurora The Beluga

I grew up and have lived in the GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District) and Stanley Park and the Aquarium was a part of that.
In the 1970s with Skanna and Hyak as the Orca Stars, the Penguins and other aquatics and a Zoo.
Eventually as people realize the horror of zoo exhibits – concrete boxes with bars from the early days into the 1980s, when semi-naturalized habitats and sometimes reasonable research – but most was and is exploitation for an unsavory form of entertainment, which frankly was at last short for the animals in the Roman Gladiator Spectator Sports Era.
I remember there was a penguin slaughter when dogs got into the park and later humans killed flamingos.
By the 1990s, most of the zoo was gone, although the urine aroma around where the monkeys had been lingered long afterwards.
The Iceland Orcas Finna and Bjossa were the last in the line of Vancouver, where Moby Doll in 1964 was the first.
The Belugas took over as the whale attraction and while they started in a tube circle pool – they ended in a massive Arctic Zone exhibit.
Once, Vancouver Aquarium even used to have Polar Bears.
by 2016, in the wild, the coastal grizzlies are being driven more north while the polar bears are moving south and there is a new bear in the world – Pizzlies.
These animals need to be in the wild – the behaviours observed in captivity are not normal ones.
Human activity in the oceans – with sonar, mines and drift nets.. industrial scale fishing
there are just no words, eh.
now that we have drones, we can study them in the wild
In the news
Image for the news result

The Vancouver Aquarium’s beluga Aurora swims in her enclosure in January 2012.


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