Conservatives and Kellie Leitch

You can’t lead a unified country if you need to divide it on your way to power. You can’t teach love with fear. For Canada’s sake, let’s ignore Kellie Leitch, writes The Star’s Shree Paradkar.
If you love Canada, ignore Kellie Leitch: Paradkar | Toronto Star
If you love Canada, ignore Kellie Leitch: Paradkar | Toronto Star
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    let’s all ignore the conservatives, why single her out?
Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch has said that as Prime Minister she will dismantle CBC, saying “If a company isn’t competitive and isn’t profitable, it shouldn’t be in business.”
Conservative leadership candidate MP Kellie Leitch puts CBC on notice.
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She’s just mad because she got totally
slammed in an interview by Laura Lynch on Sunday Morning. Laura Lynch made her look completely like the idiot she is.
Dear conservatives, there’s been enough public education to know what it means when political parties go after media, arts, and education, eh.

yeah. given the US election, clearly not. best not to fool oneself, it’s true.
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The Last Spike – Revelstoke Railway Museum
A satellite branch of the museum is located at the site of the driving of the Last Spike at Craigellachie, signifying the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway …

The “Other” Last Spike – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Oct 18, 2013 – The driving of the last spike was the great symbolic act of Canada’s first century but it was a gloomy spectacle. The cash starved CPR could not …

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Dear Conservatives:
the CBC is like The Railroad, it’s our national identity that keeps us together.
That and marriage quality, British Common Law and Napoleonic Code eh.
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