Trump’s Political Poker Cards

the Next US President has begun to re-shuffle for the next round.


He has dropped his #1 priority – Jailing Clinton.


Image for the news result

Haberman said Trump made clear he did not favour prosecution when he continued: “My …

2. He’s denounced the Deplorables who elected him.

Trump on alt-right supporters: ‘It’s not a group I want to energize. And if they are energized I …

Donald Trump Disavows Alt-Right, White Supremacists

Hollywood Reporter2 hours ago

Trump says he will pull US out of TPP on 1st day in office

CBC.ca12 hours ago
U.S. president-elect Donald Trump released a video on Monday laying out actions he will take on his first day in office on Jan. 20, including …

Dow Closes Above 19000 For First Time As Trump Rally Continues

Forbes5 hours ago
The stock market has enjoyed broad-based gains since Trump’s victory on November 9, driven by the anticipation of market-friendly policies.

Donald Trump’s Foundation Engaged in Self-Dealing, IRS Filing …

Wall Street Journal7 hours ago
President-elect Donald Trump’s charitable foundation engaged in self-dealing in 2015 and prior years, the foundation said in an Internal …
Story image for trump children from Fortune

Donald Trump’s Closest Advisers Are His Own Kids

FortuneNov 21, 2016
Nearly every morning since their father’s stunning victory on Election Day, three of Donald Trump’s grown children walk through the Trump …
US–Trump-His Children and Their Roles
InternationalYahoo News17 hours ago
Can Trump’s son-in-law be his steadying influence?
OpinionTODAYonlineNov 20, 2016

Trump on Marriage Equality: It’s ‘Done’ and ‘Settled’ |…/trumpmarriageequality-its-done-and-settled
Nov 13, 2016 – Donald Trump said on Sunday that marriage equality is already settled — except he’s promised before to nominate justices to the Supreme …

Could Donald Trump overturn marriage equality? – MarketWatch › Personal Finance

Nov 11, 2016 – Before winning the presidential election, Donald Trump had said he would … Marriage equality was widely regarded as the last frontier for …

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