Why Clinton was Failed

  1. 47 % of Americans had too much privilege to vote; one percent less than the UK’s Bexit 48% – learning from current events, if not history eh?
  2. Boring Running Mate from the Establishment Demographic.


Clinton should have selected Nina Turner and brought the Bernie base into play and invigorated the masses and building further on the Obama legacy of smashing the glass ceilings and other barriers.

Democrats where Pale Males, Black Male, Failed White Female – the Republicans, homogeneous and stratified,  are not the only party who needs to do some looking and consideration.

The Left needs to stop with the more victim than thou-ismings; but Clinton looked more business as usual than an advance for everyone.

In her concession speech, she was far more Presidential than Trump will ever be.

Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist

The FBI also acted in an illegal and obvious partisan manner and blindsided her.

But mostly, it was Clinton being held to a different status than Trump – with zero government experience, with a history of business bankruptcies, and Trophy Wife number 3.

It is no wonder that there has been a loss of political oration, in the era of streaming media, post MTV attention span…


In heated to radioactive rhetoric, words loose meaning in chanting slogans.

Dear Rugged Individuals, there is no pursuit or happyiness without health care.

The leading cause of personal bankrupty for decades in the US of A.

So, in Canada, that is not a factor for Canadians. Access might be slow, but everyone gets some, eh.

Operating for Profits means the Public Mandate is not actually served.

Further, Health Care is about providing one treatment and being restored to life.

It is not creating clients, with endless and repeated treatments, and in America, often more for cosmetic than actual health purposes.

So, doing needless procedures is a socialized cost that the poor bear the burdens.


Life Span, Quality of Access. Public delivery for cost, rather than privatized for profits.

social safety net…part of that pioneer culture of co-operation with neighbours

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seriously eh?

The Great White North, refers to the snow.


the world’s first Gen X National Leadermeme-kate-justin-trudeau

Canada Supreme Court is a bit different from the American one


Canadians have also had a more reality based approach to the environment


There was a choice made in the American election and the Brexit Referendum.

To Vote for Evil, to Vote for the Lesser Evil, or, allow the Most Evil to Happen

Learning from history means correcting for it, and current events are informed adaptions


Evolution, just happens, with punctuated catastrophics and selected, thus directed choices.




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6 Responses to Why Clinton was Failed

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    I see this less as about why one country is superi0r than another, that kind of thinking is half the reason this election was so fractious, but about a big picture – the broken political system worldwide. Hillary was a better candidate than Trump in terms of fall out but not without taint. Some of it not her fault, some of it most certainly was. I think it’s inexcusable not to vote but it’s more inexcusable to have two parties that are totally corrupt where money rules and liars are rewarded. No wonder so many don’t vote! I see this in other countries also. We need to get money out of politics, even then it won’t change enough. There is a deep rooted hate of women in the USA from other women and men. But as for racism there is equal racism from people of color toward those they blame (whites) as there is from some whites toward blacks and until we can say that without being called RACIST nothing will change. As someone whose mom is African I can say this but everyone should be able to say it. Finally, politics is a game, always has been when it should be anything but. Hillary lied a lot, Trump lies a lot, the other parties were a joke, the big picture is we’re broken and we need to fix ourselves it doens’t matter about one person it matters about the whole entire system. The same is true of other countries during history throughout time. Whether we’ll ever succeed depends upon how much we are willing to own our mistakes and oversights, namely that Obama was unqualified and green and Obama care was a farce, and he was mostly voted in for being Black and maybe Hillaries time was then, but now it will never be her time, she should have gone for Supreme Court but she’s too compromised. They all are. I didn’t think Obama was good but he was better than Bush but that wasn’t saying much! I understand the despair of the voter, though I still think we must do what we can and never give up. People love to judge and hate, this shows how women are held back by their own gender. A sad testimony.


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