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Dear Nina Tryggvason,

Thank you for your comments regarding the distribution of religious material at SkyTrain Stations.
We understand your comments and concerns, however distribution of printed material for non-commercial purposes on our system is an issue of Freedom of Expression – a protected right under section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
In 2001, the BC Supreme Court decided that TransLink’s previous policy of restricting the distribution of political pamphlets violated the Charter (Churchill v. GVTA)
TransLink subsequently revised its Transit Safety and Conduct Rules to permit the distribution of printed material on transit properties (other than transit vehicles or fare-paid zones) for non-commercial purposes, provided such activities:
–       do not impede the movement of passengers,
–       do not hinder access to ticket vending machines,
–       do not result in littering, and
–       are not otherwise incompatible with the provision of transit services.

We do work with these groups to ensure that these activities do not interfere with our customers’ access and egress to the transit system.  If they follow our Transit Rules for behavior when they are on the system, then we are required to accommodate them.
We hope you find this background to the issue helpful


Customer Information Services
A shared service with TransLink <> or call us at 604.953.3333.

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This is a summary of a Customer Service Report that has been logged regarding your department.

Feedback Id: 761987

Closed: No

Feedback Number:

Date Received: 11-05-16

Time Received: 14:55

Date Logged: 11-05-16

First Name: NINA


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 My reply:to custrel
religious material is not the same as political material.

on fact, charity laws in canada prevent religion from mixing in politics.
religion does not have a right to impede on public space and create barriers to other people

religions represent hate groups and are a barrier to many people who have been victimized by religious organizations
I am an agoraphobic and socially disordered person because of being bullied by people owing to their various religions owing to my sexuality and being an atheist.
the presence of these people represent very real terror to me, diagnosed with non-combat PTSD.
and I am not able to subject myself to being humiliated by your phone in for access that mobility impaired people are expected to do.
Your response is inadequate and I do not feel appropriately addresses the issues
I am prepared to file a human rights complaint over this.
govern yourselves accordingly.
Nina Tryggvason
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nothing as embarrassing as sending the same day as one composes when upset.
Office Rules: Never Reply the Same Day.
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