Election Day USA

In the 1970s, there was a sense that history was over. That everything needful had been invented – and never mind that Pet Rocks were the biggest selling item of the decade.

The computer revolution, and ever changing borders around the world, showed that we continue to make history.

US President Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize for being elected while black.

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Almost a century after women’s suffragettes, a women is running for President in America – where the Equal Rights Amendment for Women has not even be ratified.

Today, both men and women, of all ethnicities and sexualities, VOTE.

males do not vote while women cast ballots.

everyone can get married, being 2 people exclusive of others.

America today has to decide if it is going to step backwards or forwards in  history.

Conservatives are the status quo to be overcome.

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Seeking to become 1st female president, Hillary Clinton casts ballot calling it ‘most humbling feeling’

KING: Shame on America for allowing Donald Trump to get this far

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List of elected and appointed female heads of state – Wikipedia

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Finally Face Voters’ Decision

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American Astronaut Aboard the International Space Station Casts His Vote for Elections 2016

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