Election Count Down: USA

The Catholic Church continues to interfere with democracies:

Catholic church bulletin warns that Democrat voters will go to hell (pink news)

A Catholic Church has released a flyer which suggests that people who vote Democrat will go to hell. The flyer was released at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Old Town, San Diego, and also reads that Hillary Clinton is doing the work of Satan.

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The FBI acted in a partisan fashion, illegally and against legal proceedures

Did FBI save Hillary Clinton – or sink her?

Christian Science Monitor  – ‎37 minutes ago‎
FBI Director James Comey’s announcement Sunday that there would be no investigation of Hillary Clinton closes the immediate issue, but it is likely to reverberate long after Election Day.

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China tantalized by US election mayhem and prospect of ‘thug …

The Guardian10 hours ago
A monkey holding a fan with Chinese characters that read “elected” as it sits between cardboard cutouts of US presidential candidates Donald …
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Matthew Fisher: No matter what the result of the US presidential election, this genie is not going back in the bottle (national post)

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2 out of the 3 most likely US election outcomes would lead to a stock …

Business Insider2 hours ago
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Oklahoma quake damaged 40 to 50 buildings, official says

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CDA News

Chelsea Manning Attempts Suicide a Second Time

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meanwhile; North of America

Mysterious Ping Update: Canada Military Investigate Mysterious Arctic Pinging Noise

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Rare weather spawns thousands of giant snowballs on Siberian beach

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