Dear USA: ballots not bullets

It is not okay to use violence to express your opinions, nor is it okay to prevent others from voting.

America, once a world leader in the concept of rights, now needs the United Nations to monitor it’s elections.

The Western Conservatives are in fact, jealous of their Eastern counterparts, who get away with institutionalized social violence.

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It boggles the mind that that Bundy Family who occupied a Federal Building because they wanted to use Federal Land held in reserve for indigenous peoples.

There is no exit plan when you use guns to force government to give into your selfish and personal interests without any regard for the larger society.

It boggles the mind that average citizens are hunkered down in personal home bunkers with more munitions than some police stations, waiting to open fire on their fellow citizens that they disagree with.

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America has failed as a social experiment and Canada’s 1985 Charter is what emerging nations are basing their own foundational documents upon.

Tomorrow is an epic election – only a handful of modern era nations have had female elected presidents or prime ministers.

It is the culmination of over a century of women’s rights and the battleground for LGBTQ rights and it puts all the ethnic demographics on alert.

Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality Oh My

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Conformity, the cost of in-group inclusion, is too high a price to pay for individuals.

Pursuit of happyness is meaningless without health care, equality under the law and participation in the wider community,indeed, impossible without it.

The social contract only extends as far as society is willing to be social.

The right to vote was hard won.

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Note: There was no historical Jesus. Fictional Character.

America gained independence, self rule and a system of representation

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Today is what the Founding Fathers most feared

The rich, avoiding taxes and having all the representation

The Republican candidate brags about never paying taxes.

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mostly, I don’t understand people who think that a Universe Creator God will be pleased by what was done to said creation in the following of mere words.

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Clinton, Trump offer competing visions in mad dash to finish

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Election 2016: US Senate race down to the wire as Democrats see slight edge in battle for control

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NASA’s Spot the Station: How to Spot the ISS From Earth

UN members avoid Trump talk as they work to turn Paris Agreement into action

China slams Donald Trump for threatening to pull out of Paris

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New! The ISIS Diet – just eat less

As Food Supplies Dwindle, ISIS Tells Its Fighters to Eat Less

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Future of Turkish-US ties looks bad either way

meanwhile, in Canada, eh

Navy says ‘lost nuke’ said to have sunk off BC coast is not radioactive

Canada’s oceans get $1.5 billion over five years for marine protection plan



What Is Your Contribution to Arctic Sea Ice Melt?

Lab Manager Magazine  – ‎13 hours ago‎
mosaic image of sea ice in the Beaufort Sea This photo is a mosaic image of sea ice in the Beaufort Sea, created by the Digital Mapping System (DMS) instrument aboard the NASA IceBridge P-3B.
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